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What is Search Generative Experience

There are so many SEO’s in the world trying to explore and test Google’s Search Generative Experience. Today in this blog, I am going to talk about what is search generative experience and its role in search engine optimization. Being a SEO consultant, I think I should share what I have learnt from my experience with people who are looking to understand what is SGE and how it works.

SGE is basically a program which generate results in SERP using artificial intelligence. It is a generative AI in search engine. It is created to give users a better experience in result page and answer complex questions. If you want to do something quickly, looking for deep results, want to start a conversation with search bot or have a complicated question to ask. Generative AI solves everything at once.

Whenever a search happens, google bots verify the information from different sources and come up with best possible match to the query. Similar to this, when you are looking for an answer of a complex question, google will fetch the data from different sources and put everything in AI Powered snapshot. User will get the maximum information within the widget. The best part is, you will get the sources from where google has collected the information. Just click on show more and all the sources will be there.

You can also add the follow up in regards to your query or question.

sge follow up

Search Engine Optimization is evolving after the invasion of artificial intelligence. After so many AI’s available in market, it is a challenge for SEO community to adapt the change and continue optimizing websites to rank higher. SGE is going to leave a positive impact on websites which are appearing in search snippets for particular keywords. Mostly the data is collected by SGE from top ranking websites and quality content. If you have a quality information available on your website, your content will appear in SGE along with the source URL which is good for organic traffic growth.

Since it is in early stage, you have to understand how it works and optimize the pages as per the guidelines to appear in SGE. Nothing is better than organic traffic and CTR for an SEO.

Given below is the complete google guide to understand SGE and it’s functionality.


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