Curiosity is good and it is important to ask relevant questions before hiring a digital marketing agency. You need an agency with proven track record, fits in your budget and has enough industry experience to understand the product, services, audience, market and latest trends and technology.

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SEO Services – Questions

SEO takes in between 30 to 150 days. It can start giving results between two and six months. But it can happen with the help of an expert SEO Guy

The purpose of SEO is to improve visibility of website on brand and non brand terms to increase number of potential users. It helps to improve quality of users. Improved visitors and a good brand image along with high visibility deliver better sales. We can say, yes SEO impact sales.

At TheSEOGuy, we strongly believe in transparency and ROI. We are delivering results for our clients since 14 years and counting. We try the best methods to improve the organic results but frankly, there is no guarantee in SEO. You can try for certain keywords but none apart from search engines themselves can take the guarantee. SEO is all about doing the right thing and let search engines decide.

Yes, SEO is changed a lot in recent few years. Search engine optimization is an evolving process which is improving and changing continuously. After the recent invasion of artificial intelligence, a lot has been changed in SEO.

You need an SEO expert to enhance organic growth, improve rankings for your website, maintain brand reputation, improve search visibility over multiple search engines and achieve better sales. Being TheSEOGuy, we are doing it all since last 14 years and counting. Our Team has the necessary skills, expertise and experience to deliver results. We have gained this from our work experience in multiple industries and taking challenges from national and international brands.

Social Media Marketing – Questions

Social media is so powerful that it can bring a lot of impressions, conversions, followers, viewers and can help in marketing ROI. Social media marketing is cost effective and if done correctly, it can be the biggest reason for brand success. A lot of brands, products and people went viral after social media marketing so yes, social media worth the investment.

Yes, social media does impact sales as we run the organic and paid campaigns for our product and services on social media platforms. We get the referral and conversions both from social media platforms.

Our pricing for social media is flexible and it starts with INR10,000. We provide choice and freedom to our clients to choose the package within their budget.

We are working for national and international brands since 14 years and counting. Every country has different popular social media platform and we work on all of them. It could be any social media platform such as Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, TikTok, WeChat, Messenger, Telegram, Douyin, Snapchat, Kuaishou, Twitter/X, Weibo or Pinterest.

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Content Marketing – Questions

Content marketing is a strategic approach to develop and distributing relevant and valuable content on website, blogs, social media, news letters, white papers, emails, videos, infographics, PR and print media. The purpose of content marketing is to attract right visitors and improve reach. Content marketing plays a vital role in engagement towards brands awareness, services and products popularity.

Yes, content marketing helps in SEO but it should be done strategically. Valuable content with correct strategies attracts right audience and improve rankings for valuable brand and non brand keywords.

Content marketing generates better impressions, customer trust, user engagement, Brand awareness and reputation, helps in enhancing target audience, builds industry authority, increase conversion and website traffic, improves customer experience and streamline sales for businesses.

The global Artificial Intelligence content creation market is expected to reach $1.8 billion by 2026, and it will grow further. AI is good for generating content but humans are required to streamline the process and create strategies. You need an expert to understand the market, tools and requirement to get better outcome. Content marketing will grow strong with AI but every business need an expert to use AI to pick the right path.

Evergreen content is the type of content which stays relevant and fresh for users for longer period of time. For example “What is WordPress”. Every user who is looking to learn about the platform will search this question and it will stay fresh for a long time.

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