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Technology is evolving so as the devices and searches. Number of mobile users are continuously growing and have created a big mobile market. Mobile SEO services helps you to optimize your website according to the device and generate better online visibility. As per the latest stats, mobile market holds 60.01% of market share compare to desktop and tablets. Mobile is the biggest segment and in future it will go stronger. New technology is coming and all of them are mobile based such as applications, artificial intelligence chat bots, machine learning platforms and much more. Search engines such as google is also focusing on mobile first indexing. Google announced mobile-first indexing in 2016 and began moving sites to the index in May 2023. If you optimize your site correctly, your businesses online presence will grow and acquire more visitors and conversions.

We understand the mobile market very well and have delivered for organic growth for different business in India and outside India.

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Mobile searches are growing exponentially and you need an industry expert to create a marketing plan to cater maximum users. At TheSEOGuy we are dealing in mobile SEO since last 14+ years and have successfully delivered for our national and international clients. Our team of experts are experienced in every aspect of technical SEO and can solve any difficult technical SEO problem.

You need a team with transparency, result oriented approach and experience to craft mobile SEO strategies for your business as it is a competitive market which is growing every day.

We have customized pricing plans for mobile search engine optimization. If you are looking to grow your mobile presence within budget, do not wait. Call our Local SEO experts at +91-9968182198 today!

Number of mobile users are growing every day and and you need presence in mobile searches. It is possible if you optimize your website according to mobile searches.

The difference between mobile and desktop SEO is the technical knowledge and requirement according to devices. Mobile SEO agency should know responsive web design along with different layouts for mobile screen sizes.

App store optimization is one of the SEO method but it is not complete mobile SEO. In order to rank better in mobile device you need several other factors. ASO will help you rank your application within application store such as android play store and iOS apple store.