How to use keywords for better SEO results

use keywords for better SEO results

What are keywords

Keywords are basically the words or phrases which search engines match with your website content or advertisement with the terms people are searching for. While optimizing website we always try to use keywords for better SEO results. But it’s not easy to find out which keyword should be use in content or advertisement campaign. There are different ways by which you can use keywords for better SEO results. Today we are going to talk about the best usage of keywords for better SEO results.

Keyword Research

First, you have to make sure that you are using the keywords after conducting keyword research. It is good to use the better keywords with good search volume and higher potentials. For this you can take help of any free tool but I would recommend Google Keyword Planner.

Never forget the synonyms keywords for better SEO results.

Using synonyms requires a lot of smart work. You can visit Hidden SEO Techniques to know the better way of using synonyms with your targeted keywords. A smart use of synonyms along with keywords will help you to get better visibility over search engines. It is quite known fact that whenever user searches for particular keyword, search engines show relative searches. You should always take care of this while using keywords.

On Page Keyword Usage

Using keywords wisely is all you need to do while working on-page SEO. You can follow the given below steps to use keywords wisely.

  • Put the keyword in URL along with power word
  • Use exact keyword in Title
  • Add keyword in Header tags such as <h2> <h3>
  • While drafting content, try to use keywords twice in first paragraph
  • Use LSI method for better keyword usage
  • Do not forget to use keyword at the end of content (Footer)
  • Maintain the keyword density. It should be not more than 2%
  • Use power words along with keywords
  • Always use keyword in meta description and exact keyword with synonyms in meta keywords.
  • Never do internal deep linking with same keyword for different content. It will confuse search engines.

Off Page Keyword Usage

  • Try to use the keyword as anchor text while building backlinks
  • Use the keywords during commenting
  • Put the keywords in your phrases while doing guest blogging
  • Try to be generate URL’s with the keywords. for example if you are willing to share content on website like reddit then try to get the content url with your keyword ie. reddit,com/category/directory/your-keyword-share
  • Use your keyword as ALT tag while doing image optimization

Tip: Try to be creative while using keywords with transition words. It would help bots to understand your website content in a better way.

So this was the information by which you can optimize your website content and use keywords for better SEO results. If you have more suggestions then do comment below.

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