Free SEO Tools 2020

best free seo tools

Best free SEO tools

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of skills and knowledge. But sometimes we need tools to make our work easy so that we could get better outcome. Better tools could give us an opportunity to perform out of the box and get amazing SEO results. Today I am going to talk about free tools which could help you to maximize your productivity. These tools can help you in getting better results quickly. But before getting into the list of the tools, I would like to share my personal opinion on SEO Tools. As I said earlier, Tools are good for increasing productivity. Every SEO expert should focus on his/her skills more than relying on tools. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a method which requires a sharp brain and good information about on-going trends along with good understanding or marketing.

There are thousands of Free SEO Tools available online. Most of them claims to be the best free SEO tool but not every tool fits in SEO’s requirement. Each tool is unique and has its own USP. Every tool is important based on your need. But there few good tools which you can use for better SEO results.

Google Analytics

Google analytics is a performance tracking tool which helps you to understand the website behavior and adjust/design/create/innovate your marketing strategy. This tool gives you the data which you require for better SEO results. For example

  • Audience type and behavior
  • Demographics (User Age and Gender)
  • User Location and Language
  • Behavior of user such as if it is new or returning visitor
  • Devices information which shows devices used to surf/explore your website
  • User Flow (Which are the enter and exit page for users)
  • Website Traffic Sources
  • Monitor Social Traffic
  • Keep an eye on your campaigns (paid promotions)
  • Number of keywords used to reach to your website
  • Number of Conversions (Sales)

It also shows the real time user data which shows number of current sessions, events and total number of visitors on your website.

Keyword planner

Google keyword planner is a keyword research tool. It gives you a broad idea of keyword also known as search terms related to your website product or services. You can get the complete value of keywords including their average monthly searches, competition and cost of bid along with search history of previous years. By the help of this tool, you can find out the number of keywords to target and be in competition while working for better SEO (Search Engine Optimization) results.

Here is how to choose best keywords from keyword planner I had written an article which explains the best use of keyword planner tool.

Google Search Console

Google webmaster also known as Google Search console is one of the best free SEO tools. I personally like this tool. SEO cannot be done without analyzing performance of website. And this tool gives you power to do that. You can perform website analysis by using Search Console and work on website improvement. This tool is a game changer if you know how to use it correctly. Apart from collecting data of analysis reports such as Performance, Coverage, index, Backlinks, Product and AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) you can always solve website issues. Most commonly we face issues like indexing, crawling errors and broken links.

All issues can be sorted out by analyzing reports by using Google search console tool.

Structured data testing tool

Google Structured data testing is also an important tool in the list of best free SEO tools. According to its name, you can perform structured data test by using this tool. All you need to do is open Structured Data Testing Tool paste or write the url in testing tool and hit Run test. You will get the results which shows the structured data of your website and list of error on which you can work.  Given below is one screenshot of Structured Data Testing Tool.

Structure Data Testing Tool

Page Speed Insights

Basically this tool is used for finding out the website load speed. If you have a responsive web design then this tool can do a lot for you. It can help you to find out steps to follow in order to improve your site experience and load speed. You can access the tool here.

Structured data Mark-up helper

Structured data mark-up helper tool helps you to define your web page type and generate structured data according to page type. For example, I tag most of my information as article because those are article based on Search Engine Optimization. All you need to do is, visit Structured Data markup and login with your search console login ID and passwords.

Now paste or write the URL which you want to tag and publish pages. You can use different markups for different category of pages by using this tool.

Google My Business

Google My business is a platform which can be used as tool. It can give a boost to your Local SEO. If you are running a business and looking for local conversions/customers then you should do local SEO. And this tool gives you a chance to perform well in local SEO. By using this tool, you can engage with customers, get a local listing and convert potential visitors into confirm sales leads. I had posted information on “SEO Strategies for Local Business” which can help you to understand the importance of this tool. Also you can check out some amazing SEO Benefits of a Business Listing

Apart from these many tools, if you have any custom requirement for your blog or website then you can choose between paid tools available in market. But as far as SEO concern, you can solve almost every SEO problem by using above listed tools.


Using tools wisely for better performance is much more important than relying on them. It’s totally up to your need that how many tools you require. Even you can have as much as tools but you should always have better understanding of Search Engine Optimization while using them. Having good knowledge would decrease the dependency on paid tools.

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