Everything you should know about YouTube Tags

YouTube Tags

Videos are new trend of digital world. As per the numbers of 2020 by Statista, 27.2% of people watched videos online for more than 10 hours in a day. This is massive amount spent by users doing online activities. Videos are changing the digital world very quickly.

Online Video Time Spent

Video content becoming the first preference of users, and everyone is interested in watching information rather than reading it.

We are talking about videos today because we are going to discuss about “YouTiube Tags” in this article. In this article, you will know everything you should know about YouTube tags. I will share how YouTube Tags works and their importance while optimizing your video content made for YouTube.

I think almost every person who surf internet have used YouTube which makes it second largest search engine in the world. While optimizing videos, we take care of keywords very carefully and use them wisely in content. Creating keyword-based tags is another way of optimizing videos in right manner.

What are YouTube Tags

YouTube Tags are words and phrases you can include in your YouTube videos’ description. It helps YouTube algorithm to understand the purpose of your video and make it easy for viewers to relate it to their search queries. It helps platform algorithm to rank videos higher in search result page.

Why YouTube tags Important

When we create a video content and upload it on YouTube, want it to rank on our targeted keywords. It’s important for content creators to achieve good ranks. When we optimize videos, we put in the keywords in description, title and tags. YouTube tags is the function which helps platform algorithm to understand the context. By this way YouTube can understand the topic and category of your video and help it reach to the right audience.

If you use tags correctly, you will get slight positive outcome in terms of rankings. You may call tags are additional help for content ranking within the platform. Not only the ranking, tags are also helpful in organizing your content.

Tags Best Practices

We all know what are tags and benefits of tags. Given below are some of the tested and tried best practices of using tags to get best outcome.

Use of target keyword as first tag

Keywords are the most important part of any content but in video content, you have to be creative because title and descriptions are not the only options of using keywords. You can use your keywords to create tags as well. Make sure when you create video tags, put the target keyword as first tag and then rest of the other important keywords.

Broad keywords in video tags

Try to create tags based on broad keywords which are related to your video content and can define your content to crawlers. It will help youtube to understand your content easily. For example if you are creating a video on search engine optimization, then create tags such as search engine optimization guide and search engine optimization tips and tricks. Here search engine optimization is your broad keywords which you could use with different other suffix and prefix.

Topic tags

Topic tags are nothing but the specific tags which can define your video content. If you have created a video on search engine optimization and you are talking different topics during the video, you could use those topics to create tags. For example, content seo, web seo, importance of seo and so on.

Be specific

You need to be specific while creating tags. Try to create tags using two or three words only. Creating tags such as “how to do search engine optimization for magento website” is not recommended instead, you could create tags such as magento seo or magento website and so on.

Don’t stuff tags unnecessarily

Tags are important and also useful to describe your content. It helps youtube to understand your content as well but you should be careful while creating tags. Use the relevant tags only. Do not stuff unnecessary tags. Use the tags which are directly related to your content and can define your video content.

How to Generate or create YouTube Tags

Creating YouTube tags based on content is good but you could also take help of different tag generators or search engine suggestions to generate better tags.

There are some good methods by which you could generate better tags.

Use of currently ranked videos

Taking inspiration from currently ranked videos is a good habit. Understand what and how other content creators are able to rank their content. Go through their tags, title and description. Their method of using keywords could help you to create better reach for your content.

YouTube Auto Suggestions

Using YouTube Auto suggestions to create tags is one of the best method. Auto suggestions are basically the terms searched by users. Those suggestions are not created just for the sake of suggestions. Given below is a screenshot which shows auto suggestions when someone type search engine optimization.

These tags may be different for users because I am searching in India. If you are located in any other country, you will get different suggestions.

Tried and Tested YouTube Tag Generators

There are so many YouTube Tag generators are available which can help you to generate out of the box tags for your YouTube videos. At TheSEOGuy we believe in testing them first so that we could share our case studies and experience. Given below are some tried and test YouTube tag generators which you can use. Our experience was good so far while using the following YouTube tag gerators.

Keyword Tool

keyword tool youtube tags generator

This is a great tool for quick keyword research. All you need to do is, open the tool and select YouTube just above the search bar. Put your desired keyword and select the country. It will show up some amazing keyword ideas with their search volume, trend, COC and competition. You can choose the keywords according to your video content and convert them as tags.

You can put your targeted keyword in search bar and get suggestions. As you can see in above image, I have put in “Digital Marketing” and country is India. If I would have a content based on Digital Marketing which I want to publish on YouTube, I have some amazing tag Ideas!

Rapid Tags

rapid tags youtube tags generator

Rapid Tags generator tools is yet another simple tag generator which can generate related tags based on your searched keyword. It is one of the easiest tag generator.

This tools is specially made for generating YouTube tags because it has a copy button which will copy all the tags and you can simply paste them in your YouTube video tags section. As you can see in above screenshot, the tool’s UI is so simple and made for generating YouTube Tags.

Rapidtags is a tool designed to help YouTubers generate SEO effective tags for their YouTube videos. The tool is free to use and generates tags quickly. Rapidtags also provides tools for analyzing keywords and other information related to tags.

The RapidTag is a high-speed automatic screen printer that specializes in printing smaller images for promotional products and garments. It is not related to the Rapidtags YouTube tag generator.

In addition to Rapidtags, there are other YouTube tag generators available, such as YouTube Tool. Youtube Tool helps users get their competitor’s video tags, allowing them to optimize their SEO. The tool extracts tags from a video and lists all the tags listed on videos made by the same user. The tool also shows how many times each tag is used in videos, helping users prioritize tags that won’t be as common.

YTube Tool

ytube tools youtube tags generator

YTube tool is little different from other Youtube tag generator tools. This tool is built to fetch existing tags from videos. All you need to do is, copy the youtube video URL which is related to your content and paste it in tool. It will collect list of all tags used by the creator.

This is an amazing feature to see how your competitors are creating tags for their videos. It’s a very simple and great tool to generate tags based on competition. This tool has the data of all tags used in Youtube videos. You can use the suggested tags to optimize your tags and improve position for your video in YouTube and also in search results.

Hope this information on YouTube tags is useful to you. If you have any suggestions for this content then do comment below. Keep exploring TheSEOGuy for Latest SEO Tips

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