What is the longest Google search Ever

longest Google search

What is the longest Google search?

We use different search engines daily and google is one of the most popular search engines in many countries. Few countries has their own search engines but not every country has developed their own search engines. Just because of google’s popularity often people wonder what the longest google search or how many characters can a user put in the google search box. Today I am going to reveal the mystery and let you know how many characters you can type in google search box while conducting search.

Longest Google Search

As far as search characters concern, you can search for 2048 characters with spaces but if you are searching for any subsequent keyword then google would limit the search till 32 words. You can refer the given below screen shot

As per google “(and any subsequent words) was ignored because they limit queries to 32 words.”

longest google search

However you can also refer Specifications and Usage Limits for more information for all google limitations.

You can try on your own. Just copy a paragraph of more than 2048 characters with spaces and paste it in google search box. You will see that google search box will only accept 2048 characters with spaces. Rest of the content would not appear in the search box. Refer the screenshot below.

longest google search ever
longest google search ever

In order to create above example screenshot, I tried to write more than 2048 characters and copied them & pasted in google search box. Google search box only accepted 2048 characters as I told earlier.

I hope I am able to answer your question by this post. I believe this information will clear your confusion of longest search ever. Now you know that you can type & search for 2048 characters with spaces in google search box.

If you like the information then do share it with people who are still not aware about this. However, if you have any feedback, suggestion or more interesting information for me then do comment below your thoughts.

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