What are Quality Backlinks in SEO

Quality Backlinks

Quality Backlinks

There are different definitions of Quality Bakclinks bu the simplest explanation is: Quality Backlinks are those “DoFollow Links” from a High DA/PA website referring to your domain. For example, if an authorized and safe website which has heavy traffic has mentioned your website or blog in their article of pages then this would be a quality link for you. TLD’s (Top Level Domain) plays and important role here. If you are getting backlinks from government website or any education website which has extensions like .edu or .gov would make a lot difference in your backlinks. 

During the process of building backlinks, we follow different techniques to built better link support for our website. As I’ve mentioned “Do Follow Links” are most important backlinks, let me tell you the process how you can check Do follow backlinks. Given below are few steps to do that.

How to check Nofollow or Dofollow

Well either you can use the firefox plugin of nofollow dofollow or try the given below steps.

  1. visit the website where you have shared the link
  2. Right click on your shared link
  3. Select “Inspect Element” from the optoins
  4. Track the link and see if “rel=”nofollow” added before href.
  5. Refer the screenshot below

You can see the website owner has added “Nofollow” to the comments. This is how we can check whether we are getting do follow or no follow form the portal which we have used to build backlinks. Finding a website which offers do follow is not an easy task. You can refer How to create high quality backlinks for any website.

However, it is always recommended to find out the best do follow forums and make your contribution instead of spamming their forum/portals. Use your skills and write something meaningful and get quality backlinks to your blog/website. Write interesting articles and focus on quality while making your contribution. 

However, you can also check Difference between No follow and Do Follow links to have better understanding. Hope this information would help you to understand what are quality backlinks. If you have any suggestions for this information then do comment below.

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