URL indexing in Google

url indexing in google

Which tools are best for direct URL indexing in Google

After developing the website/blog every website owner want to get his/her website indexed in Google servers. URL indexing in Google is always on high priority for all web masters. Earlier, there was a tool called “Google URL Submission Box” which helped a lot of people to get their website indexed faster in google servers. It was very easy to use tool and very effective for people who want simple tools to get their website URL’s indexed.

In order to use the tool users have to type “Submit URL to google” and hit enter. A box will appear in SERP where users can paste their URL which they wanted to indexed and click on submit. This was the easiest way but on July-25-2018, Google removed this tool. They have an official announcement on their twitter handle.

Since Google has removed the “Google URL submission box” there’s only one option left with users to request indexing by “Fetch as Google” option in Google Webmaster Tool aka Search Console.

However, it is always good to submit the sitemap after updating content or generating new content on website. It also helps in getting the site indexed faster.

Normally it take some time to get your URL’s indexed so you have to be patient after submitting sitemap or using “Fetch as google”. If you wanted to see whether the link is indexed by Google or not then use new search console to find out. Given below are the steps to verify whether the URL is indexed by google or not.

Refer the screenshot below

URL indexing in Google

As you can see in above image, the URL which I tested is indexed by google. Similarly, if any URL is not indexed then I will get to know about the indexed status. You can also request for indexing from here.

Hope this would help you to understand URL indexing in google. For more SEO Tips & Tricks keep exploring TheSEOGuy.

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