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Preferred domain setting was used by almost every webmaster earlier. But since the Google Web Master Tools has been changed, the option is not available in new search console. Today I am going to share some insights on preferred domain setting. It’s because recently Google released an update on this option at their official blog. Let’s refresh our memories and talk about preferred domain setting.

People who are not aware about this option, it’s important for you to understand what this setting was and how webmasters used this option.

Preferred Domain Setting

This option was used to tell search engines about the domain preference. For example every domain has multiple URL’s such as :

  • http: //www.domin .com
  • http: //Domain .com
  • https ://domain .com
  • https ://www. Domain .com

Content on all URL’s are same but the URL’s are different. This option was used to tell search engines to show URL’s according to webmaster’s choice. Most commonly webmasters used to rely on Google and let the Google decide URL format.

domain setting
domain setting

Benefits of using Preferred Domain Setting

This setting doesn’t have much impact on your website performance but it was a great option to improve your website’s appearance. For example, if you are running an organization then having an additional www before your domain creates an impact between users. Not only this but Setting a preferred domain for your websites optimizes its appearance in search results and help in preventing duplicate content on your website. It also consolidates link juice.

How to set up preferred domain in new search console?

Since, the preferred domain settings has been removed from new search console, there’s no direct option to do it but you still have alternate ways to tell Google about your domain preference.  Most commonly used method is implementing canonicalization on your website. You could follow Best Examples of Canonicalization in SEO for more information. But there are other methods too so, you could also use given below methods.

  • You could use rel=”canonical” link tag on HTML pages
  • Also rel=”canonical” HTTP header
  • A sitemap
  • Use 301 redirects for retired URLs

Using 301 redirects might be confusing while defining domain preference so you could follow Google Guidelines on Consolidate Duplicate URL’s

However, if you don’t have any preference, then leave it on Google.

Hope this information would help you to understand the setting and it’s usage. If you have any feedback or suggestions for me then do comment below. And keep exploring TheSEOGuy for SEO Tricks and latest seo tips.

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