PageJacking in SEO


What is PageJacking in SEO

There are thousands of SEO techniques & methods which Marketers are practicing to make their website famous over internet or earn money instantly. It includes creating blogs and monetizing it for earning purpose. But earning can only be start if site owners are getting traffic on their blog or websites. In order to increase more traffic, we apply multiple tricks. PageJacking is one of those techniques.  It can drive traffic to your website/blog by fooling search engines. I am never going to recommend this technique to anyone. It’s because it falls under BlackHAT SEO methods. Today I am going to share few insights of this technique so that you could learn and avoid falling into PageJacking while building traffic to your website or blog.

This is a method in which people try to illegally copy content from famous or well performing websites. Mostly by source code & put redirection on traffic so that it can be diverted to another platform/website. To accomplish pagejacking, a fraudulent pagejacker copies a favorite Web page from a reputable site, including its actual HTML code. People who perform this method illegally direct traffic from the original site to cloned Web pages. Pagejacking method rely on search engines to index bogus site content to enable search result ranking and display with the original site.

How Pagejacking works

As I explained earlier, it is a method of copying content and redirecting user to a web which he has not opened. Let’s take an example here. If you are surfing internet and looking for some product or services. While searching, you will click on SERP results which will open a website for you. But within website when you click on any product or service, you got redirected to another website or blog. This practice is very common on websites which offers download services such as music downloads, video downloads, software downloads and application download. It works similar to Mousetrapping.  In mousetrapping, website owners create codes which eliminate the ability to close the website. It makes website visitor (user) to stay on website forcefully. When user try to click on close button, he/she get redirect to another website/blog.

Use of Pagejacking in SEO

This is a black hat SEO technique. Bloggers, affiliate marketers and people who doesn’t care about long term marketing benefits, use this method for instant traffic hike. This is strictly “NOT RECOMMENDED” method. This technique has different names such as Trafficjacking, viewsjacking and visitorjacking. If you are a digital marketer and looking for long term market results, then never follow any Black Hat SEO technique.

Hope this information would help you to understand pagejacking technique and it’s usage.

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