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Internet revolution has created many opportunities for business owners to market their business on different online platforms. Every business in this world is available on different internet platforms. Internet is the easiest way to drive more business and create product awareness between audiences. There are so many positive effects of internet marketing for businesses. But today we are going to learn more about negative publicity.

Dealing with bad publicity is not at all an easy task. It requires a lot of efforts and different online reputation management methods. If you don’t manage your business online presence, negative brand publicity can harm you and your business reputation to a great extent.  Every business owner need to learn proactive responses for consumer reviews and complaints on different internet platforms. The most important this is to resolve the issue Instead of getting into argument without losing your cool.

Today we will learn about some SEO Strategies to push down negative search results. We will learn about Reverse SEO which is a strategy to deal with Negative online Publicity. But before that let’s understand what Negative Publicity is and how it affects your business.

Negative Publicity

Whenever users talk negatively about Brand, Product, Services or a person over internet is considered as negative publicity. It is done by users who are not happy with services, product or a particular brand. Negative user reviews are one of the examples. In order to understand more let’s take an example of Negative Brand Publicity.

Negative Brand Publicity

When users are not happy with particular brand or have complaints, they talk negatively about brands on multiple internet platforms such as social media. Let’s take an example here. Hypothetically I have a brand with the name Brand-A. I have provided services under this brand but the user is not happy with the service or product which they received. Now they launched a complaint in in grievance department of Brand-A but didn’t receive satisfactory response from the team. In this situation, the user would take help of internet platforms and write negatively about Brand-A it includes:

  • Google Ratings (Google My Business)
  • Product or services reviews on product listing sites
  • Negative comments on social media
  • Creating parody or deceptive brand website

Negative Publicity for Services

Negative services publicity is when users are not happy with services. Let’s take another example here. Hypothetically my Brand-A is providing paid services such as monthly newsletters for Digital marketing updates. But the users are not getting latest updates as promised under paid services. Instead they are receiving better information from another free platform. In this situation the users would contact Brand-A and let them know that they are not getting better services under paid subscription. If they start receiving better services, they will continue else they will start talking negatively about services on internet.

Negative Product Publicity

Negative product publicity is little different from Brand & Services. Because sometimes users are happy with brand and services but have something negative to talk about product. Let’s take an example again. Hypothetically, Brand-A is an E-Commerce platform from where people get the stuff. If any customer receives a faulty product, they will complain about the product only. If the product is originally created by Brand-A then it can be solved easily but if the product is listed by any third party vendor on Brand-A, then it will create complicated situations in providing resolution to customer. In this situation, the customer would share negative thoughts about product only.

Let’s take another example for negative product publicity. If customers are loyal users of any brand and for one instance, they received faulty product, they will complaint it to brand but will not talk negatively about brand.

Negative Publicities for Person

Person’s negative publicity is represents negative online presence of public figures & famous personalities such as Politicians, Actors and Athletes or sportsmen.  Person negative publicity is completely different from all the above listed types. In this type of publicity, it is based on user belief instead of user experience. Let’s take an example of Politicians.

Politicians have huge public following in which some support them and some oppose them. People who support them put their positive thoughts on internet. But people who don’t like them write about their personal views and talk negatively about them. Most commonly used platform for this kind of publicity is Social Media. People follow given below practices:

  • Creating Negative Social Media Pages
  • Negative Web Pages including Personality Name
  • Negative content blog posts on different platforms
  • Paid Promotions on social media

So far we have learned about type of different negative publicities and tactics followed by users under each category. Let’s move on to the impact of negative content over internet. Let’s understand how negative content could impact your business.

Impact of Negative Publicity on Business

impact of negative publicity

impact of negative publicity

There are several bad impacts of negative publicity on business. It is not restricted to bad sales impact but it can damage a lot of things apart from sales.

Impact on Brand Equity

Brand equity could suffer a lot because of negative articles on different internet platforms and search result page. Sometimes brand has to recall their products because of such information but it create a negative image of brand and it’s product between audiences. It leaves a huge impact on brand equity for a longer term.

Trust Loss

It require great amount of time and efforts to gain user trust but one simple mistake could ruin it. Act fast on complaints and user reviews before it completely destroy trust between users. Once a brand loses its trust, it became a tedious task to regain the trust. Losing trust would directly affect your brand image and product sales.

Effect on Sales

Every negative word on internet directly affects sales. The more you receive negative reviews, ratings and social media mentions, the more you see negative impact on sales. Word of mouth and words on internet plays an important role in brand reputation and driving more sales. If you are not taking complaints or user reviews seriously, you may see a big impact on your sales.

Impact on Brand Reputation

Negative articles about brands leave a huge impact on brand reputation. Losing brand reputation is the most serious concern for business owners. If users are searching about your brand and they are getting articles against your brand or services, it will destroy your brand reputation.

Remove Negative Search Results from Google

We have got enough information about Negative Publicity and its impact on business. It’s time to move on to the resolutions. Let’s understand how to deal with negative publicity and remove Negative Search Results from Google.

Create Multiple Social Media Pages

This is the most effective method to deal with negative articles on search results. If any negative article is ranking in Search Result page for your brand then try to push down the article by creating multiple social media pages for your brand. Famous social media platforms such as twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest could significantly help in pushing down the effects of negative links.

Build Strong Business Profiles

List your business on different channels such as Google Business, Bing, Yahoo and Yelp. Try to capture the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) on your brand keyword with multiple results by using these multiple business  platforms. It will expose your business to larger audience and help you in developing better brand image for your business.

Use PR Channels

If you have something exciting related to your business which you want to share with your audience then use press release. You could also approach PR channels to cover your story. Good number of news articles about your business would rank down the negative articles from search results.

Report Spam Websites

If a blog or website created by using your brand name which has objectionable content then you could report the website or blog. Once you report such content, search engines would only show the verified links related to this information. Here is how to report a spam website. You can follow the steps to file your report.

Additional steps

Apart from above listed steps, you could put in your efforts in additional steps to get rid of negative links from search results.

  • Address your customers timely
  • Create engaging content on web
  • Use sub domains to capture SERP
  • Create a buzz by getting mentions from non-business platforms by organizing events such as sponsoring events, charity and social causes.

Negative Publicity – FAQs

How Negative Publicity affects the business? Negative publicity creates a wrong image of a brand or business in customers mind which directly impact the sales and brand reputation. It may cause serious damage in business if you don’t work it out and get rid of negative publicity.
What are the reasons of Negative Publicity? There could be multiple reasons of Negative Publicity such as Disillusioned (ex) employee. Angry customers, Misleading interpretations of blogs/forum posts/interview excerpts, Lack of proactive responses and average customer service.
Is negative publicity good?If the business is established and has a brand value, Negative publicity is not at all good. However, in some cases Negative publicity is good because it can increase sales when a product or company is relatively unknown simply because it stimulates product awareness
How to remove Negative Search Results from Google?In order to get rid of Negative Searches from Google, you have to work really hard. Get help of a Latest SEO Tips and Tricks.

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