Landing Page Optimization Ultimate Guide

landing page optimization

Landing Page Optimization is an important method of generating better user experience and enhancing website performance. It is one of the leading factors of Conversion Rate Optimization. In this guide, you will learn about what is landing page optimization, how it works and why it is important in Digital Marketing. Let’s understand little bit about landing pages first then we will proceed towards optimization.

Landing Page

Landing pages are those special pages which webmasters or business owners design for sole purpose of promotions. Let’s take an example here. Imagine I am a business owner or marketer who has a product “Digital Marketing Services”. Now I want to run a campaign and provide discount on services for the occasion of New Year 2020. In this situation, I will create a promotional page especially for “Digital Marketing Service” and use this in my all promotional campaigns. While running ads on adwords, I would put this page URL as destination so that every customer who would click on my ad campaign would land on this particular page only.

Similarly, if I am running a campaign on any other platform such as social media, I will use this page so that visitors could know about the promotional offer only. Landing page is the destination where all of the visitors would land.

You might have seen promotional pages such as.

Landing Pages example -Landing page optimization

In digital marketing, we refer landing pages as Leads Capturing Pages, Static Promotional Pages and Destination pages. There are several names for landing pages.

Best Practices for Landing Page Optimization

A small change could bring a big difference. In digital marketing, it is important to keep every single factor in mind while working on optimization part. Given below are few best practices for optimizing landing pages.

Eye Catching Heading Text

Every landing page contains information about the promotion only. The content on page contains limited information about promotional offer. You have to use your skills and create an eye catching heading for your content. You have very little space and only once chance to impress visitor so you better use it wisely. Grab their maximum attention by using magic of words. Your heading should be unique, interesting and descriptive. Also the heading should have relevant length. Sometimes short & sweet works more efficiently than long promotional details.

Including USP in sub headings

Every product or service has some USP. While creating content for your promotional page, use the USP’s wisely and put it in content and headings where it is required. Subheadings are good to use product/services/promotion description. Try to simply and explain the benefits of your product. For this you could also use alternative methods such as explainer videos, a success story or testimonials.

Add Forms to collect leads data

Every promotion page has goal of generating leads. It could be a good practice to add forms to collect user data. You can use forms for this. Add forms where it is required. According to promotion you could place the forms in promotional landing pages. But the form should be relevant according to promotion. Do not add additional fields in forms. Try to make it easier for users to fill details. Don’t ask too much of details. Ask for the details which are necessary according to promotional offer.

Valuable points

Sometimes you need to explain the value of your product or services in promotion. While creating the content for promotional page, use valuable points and make it easier for users to understand the importance of your product or services. Highlight the text in form of bullets & numbers. Explain why your services are important for users.

User Interface of page (Page Design)

User interface or page design is the most important part of landing page optimization. You should create attractive pages. The page should have promotional content with attractive design. Let’s take an example of an optimized landing page here.

optimized landing page design
Optimized landing page design

This is the sample optimized landing page design.

Call to action

“Call to action” term refers to those actions which marketers want users to perform. For example, clicking on buttons, buy now, Subscribe, Request demo, filling forms and requesting product/services demo.

Call to action buttons are important for better conversion. You could use different buttons to describe actions. Buttons performs better than simple texts.

A/B Testing

A/B testing is important for optimization process. Be it landing page or any campaign, you should always test it before diving into the sea of internet. Checking the performance on your own is always better than receiving negative feedback or low performances. For example:

  • Creating multiple landing pages for promotion and performing A/B testing
  • Testing different content length
  • Multiple page designs
  • Placement of buttons & forms
  • Adding additional information such as testimonials and contact page

No matter what you design, always perform a test.

Pro Tips for analyzing landing page performance

So far I have shared few best practices for landing page optimization. However there are few key points which you can keep in your mind to analyse the performance of your landing page.

Page Load Speed

Page load speed is important for you. It doesn’t matter whether you are running a campaign or not. You pages should have a good loading speed. Website loading speed is not only a ranking factor but also helps in handling bounce rate.

Exit Pages

Keep a track on exit pages and see on which page your visitors are taking an exit. It is good to know what pages are causing the trouble for your promotion. Exit rates helps to understand user behavior and give an opportunity to make changes in promotional landing pages.

Tracking keywords

Monitor the keywords which are performing for your campaign. Analyse which keywords are making visitors to land on your promotional page. You could also create goals and events to monitor the performance. Monitor the frequency of visits and returning visits.

Hope this information on landing page optimization would help you to create a good promotional page for your upcoming campaign. If you have any feedback or suggestions for me then do comment below.

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