How to see worldwide trends on twitter (X)

How to see worldwide trends on twitter

We are living in a digital age where reading newspaper is second choice of people. Searching Worldwide Trends on twitter is first priority of our 2024 generation. What’s trending on twitter is our priority. People do agree that Twitter aka “X” trends are the best ways to find out what is going on in the world and what’s new out there. In this blog you will learn how to see worldwide trends on twitter (X).

Currently “X” formerly known as Twitter trending news, information, videos, and viral images are the type of information which people are keen to see in their social media news feed. Twitter (X) trends are based on your interest and location but if you are looking to expand your interest, then you can always expand your reach. To do that, all you need to do is change your location.

It’s not feasible for a person to switch countries again and again so there’s a simple option of “Worldwide trends on twitter (X)”. You can always change twitter trending and see what’s trending on twitter in different location.

What are trends

Twitter trends are determined by an algorithm and, obviously, are specially crafted for you subject to who you follow, your interest, and your current location. This algorithm perceives subjects that are popular between audience currently, instead of topics those were highly discussed in previously.

The question is, how to see worldwide trends on twitter?

Today in this topic, we are going to learn. I will tell you how to see worldwide trends on twitter. But before that let’s understand little bit more about worldwide trends on twitter and how it works.

Worldwide trends on twitter

Worldwide trends are nothing, but bunch of trending hashtags and information collected from different countries based on the engagement and priority. If you switch from one location to worldwide trends, you will see different set of hashtags and piece of information in trending section which are collected from multiple countries based on people engagement and authenticity of information.

Let’s dive in, and understand how a person can switch from location based trends to worldwide trends on twitter.

Simple Steps to see worldwide trends on twitter

Step 1: Login to twitter

First step to see worldwide trends is to login to your twitter account and click on more under profile option. Once you click here, a popup will appear and you need to select settings and privacy from there.

how to see worldwide trends on twitter x step 1
Step 1: Login to Twitter

Step 2: Go to Settings and Support

After clicking settings and support, you will get to see settings and privacy option on the left hand side of menu dropdown. Select the option which says “Settings and Privacy to proceed to next step.

how to see worldwide trends on twitter x step 2
Step Two: Go to Privacy and Safety

Step 3: Privacy and Safety

The moment you click on privacy and safety, your web page’s right hand side box will give you few options such as:

Audience, media and tagging

By using the feature you can manage what information you allow other people on X to see. You can hide your personal information such as DOB and other personal stuff.

Your posts

This feature allows you to manage the information associated with your posts. Who can repost your tweets, who can view your tweets and who is able to respond to your tweets etc.

Content you see

By using this option, you can decide what you see on X based on your preferences like Topics and interests. It means you can filter the information you see in your twitter (X) Feed. It could be images, videos or any specific word or text.

Mute and block

You can Manage the accounts, words, and notifications that you’ve muted or blocked by using mute and block feature on X.

Direct Messages

Commonly known as DM’s, Direct Message option helps you to manage who can message you directly. You can enable or disable your direct messages using this feature on X (Twitter).


Latest addition to the list, Spaces option helps you to manage who can see your Spaces listening activity.

Discoverability and contacts

Users can control their discoverability settings and manage contacts they’ve imported by using this feature.

how to see worldwide trends on twitter x step 3

Step 4: Content You see

As mentioned above, option number 3, “Content You See” is the feature which helps you to see worldwide trends on twitter. You need to click on the option content you see and you will get a screen with four options:

  1. Topics
  2. Interests
  3. Explore Settings
  4. Search Settings

From the above four options click on “Explore Settings”

how to see worldwide trends on twitter x step 4

After selecting this option you will get a popup with two options.

  1. Show Content in this location
  2. Explore locations

All you need to do is, uncheck the option “Show Content in this location”. After doing this, you will stop getting trends from a particular location or maybe the location you use to open X (Twitter). By default this options is checked that’s why you get trends and news based on your location. Once you uncheck this, it will stop showing local trends on your time line. However, it will not change anything in terms of content and your interest.

how to see worldwide trends on twitter x step 5

Additional Step:

If you are willing to see trends of any specific country then you can always switch countries after disabling the option “Show content in this location”. Under the option “Explore locations”, you will a lit of different countries. You can choose the country you like to see trends. Since we are TheSEOGuy in India, we have selected “India” as our country to follow Indian Trends.

Additional step to see worldwide trends on twitter

Hope this information on “How to see worldwide trends on twitter” has cleared your doubt. If you have any feedback or suggestions for this information then do comment below. You can also share this information with people who are still not aware how to change trend location on twitter.


Twitter(X) trends are based on platform algorithm and it may not be constant every time. You need to understand twitter algorithm while exploring worldwide trends. You may see results based on your likes, followers, interest, location or people you follow on twitter. If you check worldwide trends on two different machines by using same account, you might get different results.

How to see worldwide trends on (X) Twitter

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