How to create a URL redirect in Shopify


About Shopify:

Running a business online requires a website. You can build your website according to your coding knowledge or hire a team of professionals to do it. You can also use CMS platforms or available technologies.

Today in this blog we are going to talk about one of the technology or platforms. Yes, your guess is right. Today we are going to talk about Shopify. Shopify is a complete eCommerce platform that enables you to set up your eCommerce store in no time without core knowledge of coding. You can simply set up a store using available themes and addons.

Shopify is a subscription-based software and it’s very common among people who are running eCommerce businesses on their own. From a small store to big eCommerce players, everyone is aware of Shopify.

You can read more about Shopify by visiting official shopify website

Let’s discuss more the issue of adding redirection on shopify.

How to create URL redirect in Shopify

Adding redirection on Shopify is easy and doesn’t require any coding knowledge. All you need to do is follow simple steps. Given below are the steps to add a redirection in Shopify.

Step 1:

  • Login to shopify:
  • Put in your account id and password
  • Go to the online store on the left-hand side menu and select navigation
step 1 to create URL redirect in shopify

As soon as we open navigation, we can see a page that has an option “View URL Redirects” on the top right side of the page as highlighted in the above screenshot.

Step 2:

Click on “View URL Redirect”

step 2 to create URL redirect in shopify

After opening the “View Redirect Page”, we can see all the URLs which we have redirected earlier and there’s an option of “Crete URL Redirect” at the top right section of the page (highlighted in green in the above screenshot)

Step 3:

Click on “Create URL Redirect”

While creating a URL redirect, we need to make sure that it should be according to the rules. There’s no need to put HTTPS or www in the redirection URL box the sample redirection would be as follows:

Redirection from: /category/product

Redirected to: /new-category/product

step 3 to create URL redirect in shopify

Not sure where to redirect the page?

If you are not sure where to redirect the page, then simply redirect it to your website’s most popular category or home page. You have all the control to set up redirection according to you.

Note: While setting up redirects we need to follow the URL after root(domain) i.e. this is the root or we can say home page URL/domain.

If in case we need to set up redirect anywhere from any destination, start after /root and end with the destination where we want to redirect. For example:

Redirect from : /category/product-type/sizes/

Redirect to: /category/product-type/size-10/

URL Redirects Not Working

While adding 301 redirections in Shopify, we have to be careful and follow the correct instructions. If we don’t follow the correct steps, it is quite possible that your URL redirect will not work.

However, if everything is fine and check for the page status. Normally URL redirects don’t work in Shopify if the page you want to redirect is in a live state (Status Code 200)

You have to either put the page in draft or delete it to make the redirect work.

Here is the thread which can explain this in detail.

How to Add URL redirect in Shopify Video tutorial

Redirection FAQs

I hope this information on adding a URL redirect in Shopify will help you out. If you have additional information based on this topic or any suggestion for this piece of information then do comment below. All feedback and suggestions are welcome.

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