How to Add Google Analytics Tracking to a Website

Add Google Analytics Tracking

How to Add Google Analytics Tracking to a Website

There are different ways by which you can add Google analytics tracking to a website. And today I am going to share all the steps & procedure to enable Google analytics tracking on your website or blog. Adding Google analytics to your business or personal website gives you better insights of website visitors. You can research on traffic and understand the search behaviour. Not only this, but you can do a lot more things by the help of this tool.

Let’s begin the learning and start from the scratch.

Steps to add Google Analytics Tracking

Step 1: Create Google analytics account:

After getting your website live on internet, you need to register an analytics account to start with. In order to create analytics account you can visit If you have a gmail account then just put the gmail credentials but if you don’t have a gmail account then click on create account and choose between “for myself” & “For my Business“

You can choose between the options according to your need. You will get a new screen where you are supposed to put the information such as first name, last name, email address and password. Here the email address option can be used for custom email addresses. For example if I need to register my corporate email on analytics then I will put my custom email in email address option and proceed with the account.

Google analytics sign up
Google analytics sign up

Once you are done with account setup, proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Generate Tracking Code

In order to generate tracking code, you need to login with your analytics account and follow the steps below.

Open Google Analytics (login)

Go to Admin which is on the bottom left side of the analytics panel.

step 1 google analytics tracking
step 1 google analytics tracking

Click on Create a new Property

step 2 google analytics tracking
step 2 google analytics tracking

Enter the website details

step 3 google analytics tracking
step 3 google analytics tracking

Click on Get Tracking ID

step 4 google analytic tracking
step 4 google analytic tracking

You will get the code for your enabling Google analytics tracking. Now you are almost done with the analytics part. The final step would be copying the code and pasting it in your website header. You can paste this code anywhere in head section.

Let’s make it easy for you. All you need to remember the closing head tag which is </head>. Make sure to paste your Google analytics tracking code before the closing tag of website header.

Once you are done with the process you can check whether the code has been applied or not by going to website sources. Here is how to view the source.

  • Open the website
  • Right click anywhere on web
  • Select View Source

So these were the easy steps you need to follow in order to add Google Analytics Tracking to a website. Hope it would help you in setting up Google Analytics account for your future website or blogs. If you have any feedback or suggestions for the information then do comment below.

Some useful information:

If you are using a free analytics account, then you can add maximum 50 websites under one Google analytics account. You don’t need to create multiple accounts for handling multiple websites.

Pro Tip: Use the same account for other products such as Google Adwords and Google Adsense. It will be easier for you to link account in Google analytics easily.

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