Guerilla Marketing Ideas Examples and Strategies

Guerilla Marketing

Guerilla marketing

Being in digital marketing we all have heard the word Guerilla Marketing at least once.  Today I am going to share few insights of Guerilla Marketing Ideas. Personally I believe that this is one of the most interesting and creative marketing method.  Let’s quickly start learning about this.

Guerilla Marketing is a method when a company owners use unconventional methods to convey a message or create brand and product awareness. Best part about this method is, it is done in minimal cost and get maximum results. Some people mix Guerilla Marketing with Competitive Marketing methods but actually is can be used in competitive marketing but not solely meant for this. It has various types which we will discuss in today’s topic. It more looks like a creative marketing method than competitive marketing.  Let’s move onto the types of guerrilla marketing quickly and learn the basics of this marketing method.

Types of guerrilla marketing:


This is a method where business owners ask people to create positive environment for their product or services on different platforms. And they pay people for this. It could be:

  • Creating blogs and writing positive blogs about business.
  • Write positive reviews for services on different platforms.
  • Posting positive comments on different channels
  • Pretend to be a customer and share testimonials

This practice creates miss impression between customers. Sometimes the content is misleading and has less trustworthy information.

Viral Marketing

According to its name, viral marketing is a method of making your content, brand, services or product viral in digital and physical marketplace. It requires a great amount of time and an extra ordinary brain to create digital content and physical marketing idea. For example, you created an offline event which attracted a lot of people and creates a deep impact on their brain. Now they start discussing your product and share information with nearby people.

Similarly, if you create graphics or digital event which makes people share your content, then your goal is achieved. As soon as the engagement grows, your content will go viral in digital marketplace.

Undercover Marketing

Undercover Marketing is an amazing part of Guerilla Marketing method. It is a technique where business owners sell or endorse product without even making a sales pitch or endorsement speech. This method is based on events where business owners create a need of their product. This marketing method also known by the name of Buzz marketing or Stealth marketing.

Presence Marketing

It would like to explain this with an example of branded merchandising. Imagine you are traveling in train and ran out of napkins. Suddenly you got a pack of napkins which has some random companies branding. You will use the napkins and the branding will stay in your brain till the time you have napkins and even after that. Every time you get napkins for you, it will remind you of that branding which you have used earlier.

Presence marketing is cashing the events by clubbing your product or services with different product or service. It is a method of getting into current events and utilizing audience to fulfill their need by clubbing or adding your product or services for them.

Wild Posting

Wild posting is pretty common in Guerilla Marketing and represents it’s most popular side. The method is all about using digital space and physical space both at the same time for creating brand promotion competing head to head. The best example is poster wars and info graphics. To target specific audience business owners create info graphics and posters, physical banners and boards. This method the best use of plastering posters, stickers and other print materials all over a concentrated area to draw attention.

Ambient Marketing

Ambient Marketing is a clever way of putting advertisement where none can expect an advertisement. This method includes techniques to find out unusual places where none can find advertisements and then publish your advertisement over there. It is not focused on product but by this method, business owners try to create brand awareness between people.

Alternative Marketing

This method is slightly inspired by Presence marketing although the prospective is completely different. In this method business owners target the events which are not event related to their business category. The AIM of practicing this method is reaching the broad audience and creating brand awareness in larger audience.

Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing is an amazing aspect of Guerilla Marketing. It is based on creating emotional connect between users by sharing experiences. The aim is to drive engagement with as many senses as possible. In most cases, the experience is intended to be documented and shared elsewhere, whether it’s online through videos and social media, or through word of mouth. Connect and engagement in this marketing method is little higher and gives better results.

Presume Marketing

Presume Marketing is based on product experiences and thought. People need to feel the presence of the product. The business owners use Presume Marketing for increasing exposure and recognition of their product on public places. And to do this, targeting festivals, popular TV shows or upcoming movies are the best sources. This marketing method can also be applied on internet platforms. For this you need to create visuals, events, notes and stories and share it with people over different internet platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and other social media platforms.

In simple words Presume Marketing is a method which requires human emotions to connect.

Ambush Marketing

Being a SEO Strategist myself, I have learnt a lot about marketing by practicing this Guerilla Marketing method. Ambush marketing is basically a method which directly involves head to head with competitors. These practices involve finding events of competitor and create yours before them or counter them. For example

(Brand war 1)

(Brand War 2)

As you can see in above examples, the counter campaign for competitor is created. It drives an amazing amount of word of mouth for companies. Depending on customer requirement or interest, companies get results.

Guerilla marketing ideas

As you can understand, Guerilla Marketing is not only the competitive marketing method. It requires a good amount of time and out of the box creativity. You need to generate idea which can drive more engagement for your business. Basically you can divide your marketing strategy into two parts.

  • Product Awareness
  • Brand Awareness

However, If you are going for product awareness then try your luck with Viral Marketing, Presence Marketing and Experiential marketing.

Guerilla marketing examples

So far we have learnt about Guerilla Marketing techniques but when it comes to examples, it is very hard to collect all and share because every example is so unique and incredibly awesome that you can’t ignore them. However, there are few forever examples which can explain guerrilla marketing without a single word. Given below are few of them.

guerilla marketing examples
Example 2
Example 3
Example 4
Example 5

Benefits of guerrilla marketing

When it comes to benefits, there are few major benefits of this marketing method such as:

  • Cost effectiveness: It is low budget practice based on your creativity level and out of the box thinking. Business owners get a chance to get more views on their business/product/services by practicing this method.
  • Short term results: If you content goes viral, you get amazing results in shorter span of time. You can get fame overnight and became a sensation in market.
  • Highest engagements: The number of engagement in this marketing method is always high. Business owners get engagement from targeted audience and competitors at the same time.
  • Reaching broader audience: Few practices in this method are meant to reach broader audience only. For example Alternative Marketing method is purely based on driving brand awareness and reaching out to people who are not even related to business.

Importance of guerrilla marketing

Guerilla Marketing has major impact on small business and startup companies. This whole marketing method was invented and practiced by small business owners who don’t have enough resources to get into market and create awareness of their product/services/brand. But due to its innovative and creative ways of marketing, it is adapted by big business and became an integral part of growth marketing.

Irrespective of size, every business tries Guerilla Marketing techniques. Since Guerrilla marketing is a practice which involves unpredictable ways for promoting and increasing engagement with product and services, it thus become more memorable and produce a bigger impact.

So this is all we should know about Guerrilla Marketing. If you have any feedback or suggestions for this information then do not hesitate, comment below your feedback.

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