Google Launches Sold Here in Local Searches


Google released a new update in the month of December 2018. From December 3, 2018, people will be able to see the option of “Sold Here” in the google local listings. According to user search behavior, the listing would show the product information which includes “Sold Here” option. This was a minor update spotted by many SEO strategists in the month of November but it was unconfirmed till December. In the given below screenshot, you can see the changes.


Results after update

What would be the affects of this change?

This new update is going to solve problems for users who are struggling with the product line. Most of the listings don’t show product availability and sale status. This update would help the users to understand product sale status. For example, if any user searches for any particular product then the google listings would help him to differentiate between the stores who actually sell the product. After this update user would be able to understand clearly which stores in their area are actually selling the product and which stores are just service centers to provide after sale services like mobile stores and mobile service centers.

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