Best SEO suggestions to improve keyword ranking in 2020

improve keyword ranking

Google’s core algorithm changes bring a lot of work for every marketer. It is not going to easy in 2020 to rank for particular keyword or improve keyword ranking. Ranking for a keyword in organic search is a repeatable process. You won’t get the results you want 100% of the time,especially if you’re a new website trying to rank for a popular keyword. But if you take content marketing and SEO seriously, you can start to make things happen. All you need is a strong content marketing strategy and some deep research skills to analyze keyword performance.

Follow the steps to improve keyword ranking

Conduct Keyword research: To start with the process, first you need to conduct the keyword research. Identify your potential keywords first and find better suggestion by help of search console.For this you can follow given below steps.

  • Open Search Console
  • Go to Click on Performance on the top left side
  • Apply filter by clicking on “NEW”
  • Choose Queries does not containing & put your brand name or domain name
  • Click apply

Refer the screenshot below

Search Console Performance Step

Now you can see few keywords which are generating search impressions for your website/blog. Don’t copy the exact keywords but create the synonyms.

Keyword planner

Once you are done with the keywords list, you can go to keyword planner and put the keywords to find similar keywords and their monthly search volume.

You will get the set of keywords which you can target according to your website/blog content. The interesting part about this is, you can conduct research for keywords for different countries and regions. All you need to do is, just switch the country and collect more relative keywords to include in your research.

That’s how you can create a good database of keywords to target.

Competitor Research

Always keep an eye on competitor searches and performing keywords. You can do it by using keyword planner tool while conducting research. For this all you need to do is, just put the competitor URL while searching for“New Keywords”. After this, You will get the list of keywords which are performing for that particular URL. Now you can choose between the best keywords to improve keyword ranking. Collect those keywords to create backlinks and to trig more engagement on your website or blog.

*Note*: Never use competitor brand name keywords as anchor text while building backlinks. It will kill the user engagement and trust score.

Use of Long Tail keywords to improve keyword ranking

Using long tail keywords wisely on web content would help you to get better on-page SEO score. It will also help you to drive more engagement and kill the bounce rate. As you know that lesser bounce rate and higher engagement are two important factors of better SEO performance of any website or blog. Use LSI keywords and maintain the keyword proximity for better results. If you don’t know what keyword proximity is then check Difference between Keyword Density and Keyword Proximity here I’ve explained it in detail.

Follow the regular on-page steps

Regular on-page steps refers to the generic use of keywords such as putting keyword in URL, Meta Data, Header Tags (H1,H2,H3), Image Alt Tags and Internal Linking. However, while performing the on-page for particular keyword, always maintain the keyword density. It will help crawlers to understand your content in a better way & help you to improve keyword ranking.

Off Page SEO

After conducting research, finding best keywords, applying them systematically, doing on-page you just left with Off Page-SEO. To perform better off page-SEO you can take help of multiple internet platforms. You can try given below platforms.

  • Social Networking Sites: You can share your content on social networks such as Twitter,Facebook, reddit and Tumblr.
  • Blogging platforms: Try free blogging platforms to share your content. But do remember to use the anchor text wisely while creating anchor texts for your website or blog.
  • Blog Marketing: Get help of free affiliate channels or influencers would be the best option in this situation. You can try reaching out to the owners who can help you in promoting your content. Having one link from multiple platforms is always considered as best practice in backlinks building process. It will certainly help you to improve keyword ranking.
  • Forum Posting: Old fashioned but still an effective technique to promote website or blog content. You can target the forums according to your website content and take part in forum discussions and post your content. But always behave like human while posting on forums. Else your post will not be shared or you will be block from posting or sharing.
  • Info Graphics & Photo Sharing: Using info Graphics and photo sharing website double the chance of getting more & better engagement to your post.
  • Video Marketing: If you can create videos and have sense of using video marketing platforms then it would be a bonus for you. There are thousands of platforms which are absolutely free for users where they can share their videos. You can create a short video along with descriptive content and use the video marketing platforms.
  • Business Reviews: If you have written the business content or product information,then getting business reviews is most important for you. Try some free platforms or talk to experts who can write product reviews for you on their platforms.

Use of Local SEO to improve keyword ranking

If you are doing local SEO for your website/blog, then it is possible that you get some good results with minimal efforts & investment.For this all you need to do is, create a list of local listing websites and internet platforms. Submit your listing and share your content.

Pro Tip: Use of power words is always helpful while doing local SEO. For example if you are promoting any “free service” then you can use keyword as “Absolutely Free Service” Using these keywords will help your web content to perform well and improve keyword rankings.

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