YouTube SEO Tips to rank your videos on Top

Youtube SEO Tips

Before sharing the youtube SEO tips, I would like to inform that youtube is a platform to share content. It is not a search engine. Search engines shows results of this platform according to keyword query. However, it is a big content platform where you can share your content with world. Digital marketers use this platform as tool to promote their content and get better visibility in search engines. It is one of the easiest content sharing platforms where you can attract visitors easily by showing unique or interesting content. But as soon as it became popular, the competition between providers started growing. Today, I am going to share few interesting and cool YouTube SEO Tips which can help you to rank your videos on top within the platform.

Proper use of Keywords

Using right keywords at right place is the key for getting your video on top within the platform. It is the best useful YouTube SEO Tips amongst all. You can use keywords in your video Title, also use keywords as tags, feed keywords in video description and can use keywords in video optimization before uploading it to your channel.

Use of Keywords in Title

Writing a catchy title is in the trend. It drives curiosity between users and makes them click and watch the video. It is a good technique but apart from writing cheesy titles, you can also use the best keywords to make your video title. Writing a video title which perfectly matches to your video content will be SEO friendly and user friendly both at the same time. In order to write this kind of titles, you can take help of search engines and YouTube itself.

You can use the auto fill option of search engines such as google, bing, duckduckgo , Qwant or Ecosia. Given below are few example of Search Engine Auto Fill

Youtube SEO Tips
Youtube SEO Tips: Google Autofill
youtube seo tips bing auto fill
Youtube SEO tips:  bing auto fill
youtube seo tips DuckDuckGo auto fill
Youtube SEO Tips: DuckDuckGo
youtube seo tips qwant auto fill
Youtube SEO Tips: Qwant Auto fill
Youtube SEO Tips: auto fill

Take the auto fill results and do proceed with analysis. You can choose the suitable title for your video content according to search engine suggestions. These suggestions are basically the most searched queries or keywords. There’s no harm in using the trending searches as your video title.

Description with Focused Keyword

Write the description with your focused keywords. It is always good to share information for search engines along with your video content. Search engine crawlers can only read the written content. They are not humans who can watch the content and decide which is genuine or interesting. So you should write the content description and put the keywords in it. But don’t over stuff the content with same keyword. Instead, you can chose the similar keywords or add prefix and suffix to differentiate between keywords. For example, if you are creating a guide on YouTube SEO Tips which is for free then you can use words similar to free or represents the same value i.e. No Cost, Absolutely free, Free for all and Prize Null.

Video Optimization: Feeding Keywords

Similar to Image Optimization, we can also perform Video Optimization before uploading raw file to our video channels. For this you can follow simple steps given below.

  • Locate the video in your system which is ready to upload
  • Right Click on Video
  • Choose Details from the top menu
  • Put the required information

Refer the screen shot below

Step 1

Youtube SEO Tips

Step 2

Youtube SEO Tips

Step 3

Youtube SEO Tips

After feeding the information in video, you are all set to upload it on your YouTube Channel.

Using Tags are Keywords

Final step would be adding tags related to your content. You can repeat the process of keyword research for title, in order to create better SEO Tags for your youtube video content. Follow the auto fill suggestions provided by search engines to generate better tags and use them in your content while uploading.

Tip: Add brand tags along with content tags to generate your own searches. I.e. TheSEOGuy would be my brand tag for upcoming videos.

Suggested Tools for YouTube SEO

After getting the list of YouTube SEO Tips, the next everyone wants is list of tools to perform better YouTube SEO. There are thousands of tools available in market with different USP’s but I personally prefer Keyword Planner provided by google to perform keyword research only. For managing your video content you can use different tools, but for YouTube SEO there are no such tools. You have to rely on your skills and smart use of keywords.

Hope this information of YouTube SEO Tips would help you to create a better SEO Strategy for your upcoming videos. If you have any suggestions or feedback then do comment below.

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  1. Researching the competitive keywords and placing them in title, description and keywords makes the video to be among top. using a search related tags i.e broad match keywords targets a wide user range. Thanks for the info.

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