What are SEO Keywords

What are SEO Keywords

Search engine optimization is all about ranking website on search engines. Keywords are common terms when it comes to discuss ranking and search visibility. Today we are going to discuss “What are SEO Keywords” and importance of keywords in SEO. In this guide, we will cover everything you should know about SEO keywords.


Keywords are the key phrases which we add in our website content. These key phrases define the purpose of web page or business and services. When a customer is looking for services or product, they type the keywords in search engines. The goal of adding keywords in content is to keep the page content relevant to business, product and services. If you put the correct keywords and maintain the quality, it will serve the purpose of page. And it will help you gain better rankings for user search terms.

Importance of Keywords

Keywords are integral part of marketing strategy. Given below are few reasons why keywords are important.

Keyword Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis is about discovering the similar business keywords of your competitors. There are millions of businesses running around the world. If you dive into a competitive market, you will find similar businesses. For example, we are a SEO agency providing SEO services to our clients. But we are not the only agency in the world. There are many other SEO agencies working in market providing similar services. It is possible that some keywords are performing better for competitors.

The goal of doing competitive keyword analysis is to find out competitive terms which are ranking higher. Target those terms and outrank the competition. There are many tools and methods to conduct keyword research. Conducting competitive keyword analysis is a complex method. You can read our guide on Conducting Keywords Research using keyword planner.

Keywords help drive Traffic

When users search anything on search engines such as google or bing, they put a keyword in search box. If you have used the keyword in right manner, your website will appear on top for the searched term. User always visit the websites ranking higher in search engines.

As per the research by backlinko average CTR on position one is 27.6% and rank one pages receive 10x clicks. It is clear that right keywords ranking on better position drives more traffic.

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Improved search engine ranking

While creating SEO strategies, find out the keywords related to your business, product, services, brand or industry. Use the keywords in content defining your business, location, product or services. Keep it natural and easy to understand. Do not overstuff the content with keywords. Maintain the quality and you will see improved search engine rankings on key terms.

Pro tips to use keywords for better rankings

Targeted audience engagement

Keywords lay down the foundation of target audience. While creating marketing strategies especially SEO, we pick the keywords related to our business, services, products, industry and target audience. Being a business owner you know your audience. Doing keyword research helps you to generate engagement among your target audience.

Conversion optimization

Keywords play a vital role in conversions. You can convert a visitor into a customer by using keywords. Business keywords draw attention and help users to navigate and make a conversion. If you do the keyword research right, you will find high converting business terms relevant to your target audience. These keywords has great potential of generating conversion or sales.

User intent

Every keyword has intent and different keywords contain different intent. Let’s understand this by an example.

If you type “SEO” in search engine you will get educational and informational results. But if you type “SEO Services” you will get business results. You will the companies in SERP providing SEO Services. Now lets put “SEO Services in Delhi” you will get the companies providing SEO services in Delhi location.

Here the intent of keyword is changing as per the user. You need to understand this while creating content. If you use the right intent in keywords, it will help you gain better rankings.

Keywords are important for every marketing strategy but in Search Engine Optimization, the role of keywords is vital. Hope this small guide on “What are SEO Keywords” will help you understand the SEO benefits of keywords.

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