Use of Speakable Schema Markup for better SEO

Speakable Schema Markup

What is Spekable Schema Markup

Speakable markup is a form of structured data that highlights sections of an article as useful for text-to-speech (TTS), using an id value reference and either CSS selectors or XPaths.

Voice searches are pretty common between people since “Smart Phone” revolution started. For all digital marketers this is an opportunity to upgrade website marketing strategy. The global leader of search engines “Google” announced an official support statement for the speakable schema markup. This new speakable schema markup is important because it may point to what you’ll need to know to get more traffic should/when Google expands this structured data to all websites. Google is also working to launch the capability in other languages and countries “as soon as a sufficient number of publishers would implement “Speakable Schema Markup.”

How to use Speakable Schema Markup for better SEO results

This new feature is in Beta phase now and only available for registered news websites which are using English as their language. As soon as the testing would finish, it will be available for all website categories. Refer (Speakable Beta) to check eligibility, usage guidelines, technical guidelines, content guidelines and structure data type definition.

Why to implement Speakable Schema?

We have experienced the change in searches. Desktop searches are taken over by mobile searches. Voice searches are just introduced and soon going to create a big space for them in internet searches.  It is always good to be ready for upcoming changes. If you can’t go with the trends then it is not easy for you to stay in market for longer period. Being a brand owner or website manager, you should be ready to be in competition.

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