Target country in Google webmaster

Target country

Target country in Search Console

Target country is a term to define your business audience and location. If you are running a business within specific location or country, you can use the targeted country audience. Google webmaster tools allow you to set International Targeting to target a specific geographic area for your website. Today I am going to share few steps which will help you to use target country option in google webmaster tool. But before getting into setting up target country, let’s understand what it is and what are major benefits of using targeted country.

What is Target Country?

Target country is an option for webmasters or website owners to target specific countries or users for their business. If you are located in United States of America or any other country then you might generate more business from users who are located within your country. It is good to have users from across the world but when it comes to business or services, users within country always give better results.

Purpose of Targeted Country

The sole purpose of creating “International Targeting report” is to provide website owners information about the traffic type and location. If you are a website owner then it would be good for you to get the results of user location. It will help you to design your strategies towards the content and user behavior.

Also, if you are willing to target the audience for a particular location, then you can also use this feature. For example, if your product/services belong to any specific country then you can target the audience of that particular location by defining hreflang tags.

However, if you want to understand how to use this feature then you can visit International Targeting report it will give you brief understanding of this feature.

Depending on your business or services, you can use this feature. If you have physical services then it is important for you to target local audience. On the other hand if you have online services which can be used all over the world then you can focus on a broad audience and design your content strategies according to your services.

Set up Target Country in Search Console

Setting a country target in new search console is not available. In order to do that, you need to switch to old Google Web Master and follow given below steps.

  • Login to your search console with login ID & Password
  • Go to left hand side menu and scroll till the end.
  • Select “Go to the Old version”.
  • Now Select “Search Traffic” from left hand side menu
  • international targeting
  • Now select Country and make edits.

As you can see in above picture, the targeted country for my platform is selected as India. Because I provide Digital Marketing Services in India and have physical office available here.

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