Social Media Marketing Strategy- Tips for Small Business

social media marketing strategy

Social Media Marketing Strategies

Creating an effective social media marketing strategy is important if you are going to start your business or you are a small business owner. “Social Media” has the power to give unbeatable results over night. It can make your product or services viral within hours and generate amazing business. All you need is amazing social media marketing skills and a good marketing strategy. Today I am going to share few insights of Social Media Marketing which can help you to create a good Social media marketing strategy.

Before getting into tricks or tips for creating social media marketing strategy, let’s understand little bit more about social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a method of marketing your product or services on different social media channels such as facebook, twitter, pinterest, linkedin and many more. You can set up as much as social media channels according to your business requirement. But in order to market your product well, you need to understand social media. Most importantly social media trends, your product/business audience and strategies behind viral content. Do your research and collect as much as data. Once you are done with research and got the data, you can create a strong social media strategy for your business.

Now let’s move on to the steps of creating a better social media marketing strategy.

Step 1 : Analyze Trends

Social media trends are most unstable trends but very effective if you could use them. In order to use viral trends, you need to conduct a small analysis and see the future of trend and it’s impact on your business. You could take help of Google Trends to conduct a small analysis on viral trends. You could also include multiple internet platforms to understand particular trend and collect data. For example social networking websites such as Facebook, content sharing platforms such as YouTube, Vine & Vimeo Pinterest and Flickr, News & informative channels such as BuzzSumo and Mashable, Web 2.0 platforms such as Reddit and Tumblr.

Step 2: Understand Audience Behavior

While understanding the trends, you will get the data of ongoing social media trend but not all users could relate to your business. So, you need to understand your core audience and analyze their behavior towards the trend. Collect the data of user comments and their feedback on trending posts/pages/products. Focus on both negative and positive comments or feedback/suggestions. Negative suggestions are your opportunity to learn and develop better content for audience.

Step 3: Learn from your competitors

While working on social media marketing strategy, it’s important to keep a track on competitor activities. If you are small business owner then you need to put a lot of efforts to do this. Few major steps to analyze competitors social marketing strategy.

  1. Social Engagement: Review the frequency of post engagements and see which posts are performing according to trend what are user reviews. It will help you to understand potential audience behavior. also you will get to know what kind of posts are driving engagements.
  2. Post Frequency: Post frequency is the number of posts on social media platforms. You can analyze the frequency to understand engagement on social platforms.
  3. Type of Content: Keep an eye on content type. Analyse what specific types of organic, sponsored, and advertisement content they post. i.e. infographics, texts, links or images what kind of content is shared by them and how users are responding on shared content.

Step 4: Choose the social media platform according to your business

Always use the platform according to your business. For example, if you are running a local services business then local listing would make much more positive effects than having a pinterest page. You should choose the platform which your target audience prefer to use. You should have a plan for your social media platforms. Develop business goals and set up your social identity and then find the right platform for your business where you can promote your business, product or services.

Step 5: Focus on interesting content

Creating good content always drives better engagement on social media channels. Focus on creating original & interesting content rather than sales oriented creatives. Try to attract users towards the content instead of asking them to buy anything. If you focus on bringing value to end user, you can develop great brand reputation and relationship with your customers.

Additional Tips

  • Create emotional connect with users
  • Follow current events and develop content accordingly
  • Focus on brand image more than promoting product
  • Interact with users on social platforms.
  • Built better response rate for complain/feedback/suggestions
  • Ask users to participate in Polls/Questions/Competitions
  • Use discounts/promotional offers/extra benefits to attract users

So this was the list of steps which you can follow to create better social media marketing strategy. If you have suggestions for this post then do comment below.

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