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Social Media Optimization (SMO)

It is a process which can give you an extra opportunity to serve your customers or users on multiple digital platforms. Social Media Platforms are reputation management platforms for business and customer service platforms for users. A user could get instant resolution over social media platforms.

However, by doing SMO, business can do a lot more. They can serve their customers and increase the audience. Social Media is also a good platform to boost your brand value and also a good option to generate leads for business.

Everyone knows the power of social media. The numbers of social media users are growing exponentially. A large number of social presence creates and opportunity for business owners to attract more people towards their product or services.

Why use SMO

When we talk about any technique or method, the very first question comes in our mind is why.  Let’s talk why we need SMO. Given below are few points which I have observed while doing SMO.

Website Traffic:

Everyone knows that apart from search engines and email marketing, social media platforms are the top source of creating brand value and generating referral traffic. Right social media marketing could drive amazing engagements on website.

Website’s visibility:

There’s a huge number of users on social networking websites, forums, and online communities. In order to reach out to that huge audience, You need a better Social Media Marketing strategy.

Communication channel:

Social media presence of a company and response time matters a lot. Neither the customers want to wait in long queues on customer care centres nor do they like to stay on a long call with customer support representative.

There are multiple situations which makes the social media platform more important. Every one of us uses different services and have faced problem with products. During the process of contacting customer services, sometimes we get response from customer service which we don’t like. In this situation. It acts like a communication channel between service provider and user where they share feedback, Suggestions and resolutions.

Apart from these there are few more benefits of doing SMO (Social Media Optimization) such as:

  • Free advertisement
  • Ease of target
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Sharing quick updates
  • Close relationship with customers
  • Quick Popularity

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