SEO benefits of a business listing

SEO benefits of a business listing

Major SEO benefits of a business listing

Before getting into SEO benefits of a business listing, I would like to tell you that it is not at all a ranking factor. It is a practice which can boost your SEO if you do it correctly. Applying white hat techniques for better rankings is always the best practice in search engine optimization. Listing your business is one of them. It is always a good idea to list your business online. Today we are going to learn major SEO benefits of a business listing in google, bing and other search engines. Also I will share some good tips to maintain your business listing to get better results. You will learn how can you generate Do Follow backlinks and use your business listing in Local SEO.

But first let’s understand What is business listing in search engines.

Business Listing

Business listing is basically the information of your business for local search results which includes complete information of your business. All the business listings includes following information.

  • Business’ name
  • Complete physical address
  • Support phone or contact number
  • Business website (URL)
  • Map Link

This is how a business listing looks like.

Business listing Theseoguy
Business listing Theseoguy

Here you can see the business listing which contains all the information related to TheSEOGuy

Things to remember while listing your business

Use the accurate information to list your business in search engines. You have to double check the information such as your business’s name, contact phone number, physical address and website URL before submitting it to search engines. The information should exactly the same in each citation.

Google uses the information from citations to verify the accuracy of a business’s contact details and ask the online authority of the business.

Avoid Duplicate contents

Whatever information you provide should be original because it is not possible to list multiple businesses under one URL. However, your business information can be pulled through to other online directories. If either of the details is incorrect, there is a risk of duplicate listings being created.

SEO benefits of a business listing

seo benefits of business listing theseoguy discovery

Free Business Branding

You can monitor the views generated by visitors and can use them to design a better business marketing strategy and SEO strategy for your website. Here in the image you can see the search flow. Discovery views shows customers who my business listing searching for a particular category, product or services related to my business.

Map views apart from SERP

seo benefits of business listing theseoguy mapviews

Analyzing map views could help you to understand the visitor behavior. Within the Google My Business panel, you can analyze the map views generated by visitors. You can clearly see the number of views generated by customers by search listing and map listing.

seo benefits of business listing theseoguy customer actions

This is how you can monitor the direct business leads generated. By reviewing customer actions, you can monitor number of call you received, direction requests and direct visits to your business website.

Direct Leads through local SEO

seo benefits of business listing theseoguy phone calls

With the help of phone calls monitor within my business panel, you can monitor the phone calls behavior and days where you have received maximum and minimum calls. I receive most calls on Wednesday according to above image. It means I can easily focus on customer service calls on Wednesday. I can ask team members to get ready convert maximum leads by the number of calls received.

seo benefits of business listing theseoguy testimonial

Getting a testimonial is always good but by the help of google my business listing panel, I can monitor the testimonial effect on my business searches. Here in this image you can see that when did I received the maximum testimonial benefit by image posted by one of the customer.

Can generate dofollow backlinks

If you use your business listing correctly, you can also generate dofollow backlinks. For this you can use the option to publish posts where you can share information related to your business and encourage visitors to check your services or information. Placing links smartly always works and give better results.

Given below is the example of one post which I shared via google my business posts.

Business listing Theseoguy dofollow links

You can see that I have placed the link of my blog post How to create best 6 second ads this would be a dofollow link and help this post to rank in SERP. This is considered one of the best SEO benefits of a business listing.


Listing your business online can help you in getting better results in local SEO and can also give you a chance to get better SERP results. Hope this information of SEO benefits of a business listing would help you to understand the importance of business listing.

If you have any suggestion or feedback related to this information then do comment below.

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