Referral traffic in SEO

Referral traffic in SEO

Referral traffic in SEO

Referral is the number of website visitors which website receives from different domains instead of search engines. These type of visitors are called Referral traffic in SEO. When we build backlinks for our website/blog we use multiple domains to divert or redirect traffic to our website. This traffic is called referral traffic. When you receive a user/visitor from different domain to your domain would be counted as referral. In order to check referral traffic, you can use Google analytics tools. Given below is the example screen shot of referral traffic recorded in Google analytic tool.

Referral traffic in SEO two

Referral traffic is important for your website because it sends potential customers to your domain from other sites that might have the same target group and people trust their recommendations already. Therefore, by checking the list of referrals you can better identify the interests of the customers coming from those sites and what are they reading usually, optimize your content for them and convert those visitors into customers.

If a user if coming to your platform then he/she is curious about your product/services and this user has more potential of taking your services than other users. Referral traffic is always important and being a digital marketer, I always keep an eye on referral traffic. It helps me to create content strategies to drive more potential audience.

Benefits of Referral Traffic

Referral traffic also has SEO benefits. When someone visits your website from another site they are usually clicking on a link or completing some type of social activity. Google and other search engines consider these links and social signals as positive ranking factors as long as they are coming from trusted websites. Building backlinks with high quality content is always helpful to get better ranks in SERP. Always keep quality in mind while building backlinks for your website/blog. Having quality content would help you to get better results.

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