Advance SEO Marketing Strategies 2020

Business growth depends on your marketing ideas and strategies. It is the strongest ladder to climb high in market and get better results. There are thousands of creative marketing techniques by which company owners generate business but after achieving certain level, they look forward to take their marketing to next level. Same goes with search engine optimization. If you are a business owner or marketing strategists who Aims to take their marketing to next level then today is the right time to land on TheSEOGuy. Today I am going to share some amazing ideas and coolest Advance SEO techniques along with some tips and tricks which can help you to design your marketing strategies and achieve your marketing goals.

Before getting into advance SEO techniques, first understand what it is and how it works.

Advance SEO Techniques

Advance SEO techniques are nothing but few creative and advance website marketing tricks which we apply on internet platforms such as website, social media pages and sub domains such as blogs. As we all know that 80% of searches to the business are driven by search engines in the form of search queries related to business. Every search query contains Keywords (phrases) related to business and search engines provide results according to it. For example if you search for any particular product such as “Red Shoes in (Location) then you might get results of certain e-commerce companies according to their SEO score. In order to boost SEO scores, every company owner design creative SEO strategies. Given below are few.

Target location

We all know about targeting location while defining audience type is must for all the marketing strategies but if you use location wisely, you can drive more benefits to your business. For this you can try simple method of creating location bases pages.

For example, if you are a service provider who can provide services within a certain radius then you can add pages in your website with the action “Fetch Location” and name “Nearby”. Let’s assume you are running an institute which provides educational services and have multiple branches of your institution. Now you are looking to reach out local audience because the searches for “Institute near me or (location)” is having a good conversion rate.

In order to get into SERP for this location based keyword, you can create pages within your main domain and generate content related to services.

Let’s take the case study for an education institute. Given below is the search analysis and proposed design for location based pages.

Advance SEO Techniques 2019 and Marketing Strategies
Advance SEO Techniques 2019 and Marketing Strategies (Search Analysis)

You can that I did a research on keyword based on location searches and collected the best performing keywords. It’s not possible to use all of them but we can use the best keywords while performing on page SEO. We can use those keywords in URL’s, Meta Data and in content.

Advance SEO Techniques 2019 and Marketing Strategies
Advance SEO Techniques 2019 and Marketing Strategies (Design Page)

In Above image you can see the proposed design for location pages so that institute could list all of its branches and target nearby locations.

Advance SEO Techniques 2019 and Marketing Strategies
Advance SEO Techniques 2019 and Marketing Strategies (Results)

Just after using this method for 15 days, Google listing for institute got a boost and ranked on targeted keyword. It bring a lot of local traffic and direct leads for the business.

Curiosity Pages/Campaigns

Sounds strange but the impact of this technique is very high. Creating curiosity between people gives maximum results. Because the number of visits are higher than regular offers, discount and attractive offers. A user could avoid an attractive discount offer but he/she might not miss to visit the website if he/she is curious to know. For example when apple launched its first TV commercial in 1984. Company designed a TV advertisement of duration 45 seconds and out of 45 seconds they talk about brand for 5 seconds and showed their logo for just 3 seconds at the end. It was a huge marketing risk because the found of company Mr. Steve Jobs put more than 80% of his money on this campaign but he knew that it is going to work. Curiosity creates more impressions and brand awareness than any other campaign.

It is a good practice in SEO as well. You can drive more traffic by creating curiosity in audience. For this you can follow given below steps.

Dive into public forums

First step is to get into public forums and start a conversation. Share your product/services and let people talk about it. You can also question services and encourage people to take part in conversation and share their feedback. Create polls and provoke positively to generate curiosity.

Merge your marketing idea with current trend

We all have already heard about following the trend but it’s hard to follow this in SEO practices. In order to follow this technique, we have to create the best marketing strategies. The best option to do this is to create a subdomain or use existing subdomains. On these domains you can create pages and generate content related to trend and divert traffic to main domain. Using MEME Templates, Current affairs, Using controversial stories and creative info-graphics are part of this.

Given below are few examples of merging marketing strategies with current trend.

Image courtesy: Amul
Picture courtesy: Amul
Photo courtesy: Dailymail
Image Courtesy: kenya kfc ad spoof
Image Courtesy: Mad Over Marketing

Challenging audience

Throwing a challenge on your existing audience will give your website an amazing hike in website engagement. You can try creating a promotional temporary page in subdomain where people could come and take part in it. Throw challenge like “You can’t solve it”, “Nobody can solve this”, “Only I can solve it”, “Hey do you have brain more than MR. ABC (Any fictional character name)”, “Do you want to know?” and “ I know you can but it’s hard for you”.

These are few challenges which can be used to encourage audience to take part in challenge and visit your website. These campaigns drive the best engagement.

Tip: It is always recommended to run challenges on subdomains and direct traffic to main domain. For this create temporary promotional pages which can be edit or removed later.

Hope these advance SEO suggestions would help you to design or adjust your marketing strategies and get the best results. However, if you have more suggestions then do comment below. Make your contribution to make it a perfect place where everyone could find accurate SEO Answers.

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