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location based marketing

Location based marketing is an important part of any business. And when it comes to marketing, it is one of the major factors of successful marketing campaigns and brand reputation. According to its name, LBM (Location Based Marketing) is a direct marketing method. Under this practice marketers built strategies that use device location such as mobile & desktop/laptops to alert the device’s owner about promotional offers from a near-by business. Also it provides the data of business available nearby user location according their search keywords on search engines.

You must have received location based alerts in the form of text message from different service providers in your area. It’s because text SMS are part of location based marketing. Today we are going to learn few interesting insights of location based marketing. We will learn benefits of doing it and some tips to improve our strategies for LBM.

How it works

LBM methods are based on location access. Whenever you surf a website or install an application in your phone, you get a pop up notification stating

“Allow location access”

app location access

“Google wants to know your location”

google location
google location

“Website location access”

website location example of location based marketing
website location

This is how marketers collect user locations. All these methods are used to understand the exact user location to trig campaigns and refine potential audience. For example, if you look for groceries stores then you might see a walmart store in your search results. LBM strategies are based on delivery results to nearby audience (Local Audience). The moment users allow their location access; website or mobile app owners can access the location and represent their product or services to them in the form of text location based results, business listings and advertisement campaigns.

Purpose of using LBM Method

Purpose of doing LBM Method is to capture the attention of end users and convert them into a customer. You could convert the potential customer’s into regular buyers. The future of location based marketing is bright. The strategies which marketers develop under location based marketing, are based on how brands owners are able to create new levels of interaction with the individual customers on the move.

Benefits of Location Based Marketing

So far we have learnt about the LBM method and its purpose. Now let’s understand few important benefits of performing LBM method for your business marketing.

Personalized Advertising

Marketers could send personalized advertisements by using location based alerts. The location based alerts could be sent in the form of text SMS or mobile app notifications.

Business Reviews

A business could get more and reviews about services and product which helps to improve performance of product.

High Quality Real time Location

By LBM Method, marketers could collect accurate information. Every set of data should be accurate for mobile advertising such as device ID, place, the lat/long and the quality of the media need to be correct. That’s how marketers could convert potential customers into permanent buyers.

One of the great examples of location based marketing is NFL season 2010. During the event, the Washington Redskins ran a very successful Foursquare campaign. They offered giveaways for check-ins to Fedex field (their home Field) along with 27 different bars & restaurants around D.C. where they held numerous rally parties. The results were amazing of this campaign. This one campaign garnered Washington redskins 12,800 Four Square followers and 20,457 check-ins at their home field (Fedex Field). It also raised their Twitter followers to a handsome number 14,909 and their Facebook fans to 429,510, respectively.

Hope these insights would help you to understand the LBM method and its importance. If you have any suggestions or feedback for this information then do comment below and make it a better information platform for everyone.

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