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increase instagram followers

Instagram is another social media platform which is commonly used by people for sharing their photos with creative hashtags. But instagram is gaining new popularity because of increasing influencer’s activities on it. Because of these many activities, it’s very important for people to get real followers. But It’s not an easy task to increase instagram followers. Everybody likes to have good numbers of followers, subscribers or engagement such as likes & comments on their instagram posts. It creates a connection between owner of account and followers.

Today in this topic we will learn about few methods and tips to increase instagram followers for free. Yes you heard it absolutely right; you could get more followers on your instagram account without investing your money. But before getting into tips and tricks let’s understand why account owners work to get followers on instagram.

Importance of Instagram followers

Followers are important for people who are willing to earn money from their instagram accounts. Instagram influencers earn money and followers are most important part to monetize instagram accounts. An influencer could turn regular Instagram followers into a potential customer of any particular brand. Every business has a goal of increasing sales by using different methods and using influence market is one of them. It can help you to grow your sales revenues. As an online business owners or marketer, even if you have a brilliant social media strategy, you should always have an extra ordinary e-commerce strategy for instagram. The best part about instagram influence market is that you don’t need special skill sets to improve your sales. It’s so easy that you could even perform without using any special tools. All you need is, little bit understanding of your audience and market you are going to target.

Tips to increase Instagram followers

Let’s understand few tips which can help you to get followers on instagram. You can gain real followers by practicing right methods in right ways. There are common myths about instagram market which we are going to bust today. So let’s understand how we can get real followers without using our money.

Connect with People

Create a connection between people by sharing relatable images. For example, if you are sharing a picture with your Dog, you could actually attract people who either have a dog or had a dog and the connection between pet owners and their pet is very strong.

Tip: You could take the reference from most popular accounts and note down the common factors before posting your image on instagram. Make sure to create your own original images instead of sharing copied content. By sharing this type of content on your account, you’re building a connection between your audiences. That’s how you could attract more people towards your account.

Correct Timings

Always choose the right time to post your content on instagram. For example, if you want to share a picture of doing Yoga, then try to post it in morning. It will give you better views and engagement rather than posting it in evening. Majority of users explore instagram when they have little extra time such as when they get up in the morning, when they are on break during office, while traveling to school, college or office and on free time during holidays. You need to understand that a post appears on user’s screen for a limited time and it gets lost as soon as time goes. Users follow multiple accounts and according to number of followed accounts, they get the posts in their news feed.

In order to handle this situation, always choose the best time to post your content on instagram.

Use of Hashtags

When it comes to instagram hashtags, people are confused in choosing the right hashtag for their post. Let me make it easier for you. It is a common myth that hashtags with maximum number of public posts are useful to gain more followers. It is little surprising but true. In order to gain followers, we don’t need hashtags with maximum public posts but we need hashtags which are related to our content. Whenever you are using hashtags, make sure to use the tags which you can relate to your content.

Myth Busting Fact

I would like to bust this hashtag myth with an example. Let’s assume my Instagram page TheSEOGuy was created to sell physical products such as Shoes. Now if I use hashtags related to my product, then I could attract people who are interested in similar product or business. For example #ShoesForSale which has 1792719 public posts and #ShoeLovers which has 771660 public posts.  Now imagine if I am using hashtags such as #Bollywood which has 21212363 public posts and #Hollywood which has 30894300 public posts. Out of these four hashtags, only two could generate genuine followers on my account. It’s because the likes which I would generate from non-business hashtags are not my targeted audience and the interest of this audience is not based on my business.

Work on your Interaction

Follow the rules of reciprocation. It is very common between social media platform. If someone has liked your content, you could also like theirs. Sometimes, you have to show your interaction to gain real followers instead of just uploading your image and waiting others to like it. Put yourself on work if you really want to increase instagram followers. Maintain a good interaction rate and share content with similar accounts.

Pro Tip: If you tag accounts which share similar content as yours, you will receive mentions from them. It works like you scratch my back and I scratch yours but always an effective method of targeting larger audience.

Follow a trending and your account related hashtag to find out similar content and accounts.

Encourage your Audience

Encourage your audience to interact with you. For this you could follow two most effective methods.

  1. Ask Questions: Write your questions in your post caption and ask from your audience to answer. You may see a positive hike in your post engagements after posting images with questions. It may help you to generate more likes and surely a great engagement on your content.

Pro Tip: Use the trendy hashtags so that it is easily available for users and share your content on other social media platforms to reach out more people who could possible write answers.

  1. Host Contests: Hosting contents for users is another best method to drive engagement on your instagram account. Let’s take an example here. Hypothetically, you have posted an image of your school days and you thought of making it a contest where your followers could post their school memories while using Hashtag started by you or mentioning your account.

Pro Tip: Try to host contests on special occasions such as festivals. Most of the business accounts run the contests during that time so it’s a great opportunity to reach out broader audience.

Maintain Frequency

It is always important to have interesting and unique content on accounts. If you have interesting and something new for your audience then you have higher possibilities of gaining fresh followers. Try to maintain the content frequency but not too much. Use the correct timings and post according to it. Do not create bulk content. One quality post could perform much better than hundreds of quantity posts. Always keep the quality in your mind while maintaining post frequency.

Use your Instagram Bio

An interesting Bio always attracts audience towards account. You could use your bio to increase instagram followers for free. Just use this option wisely. Bio is the only section where you could show your creativity so always invest your time in it. It would be great if you conduct a research to create account Bio. Research for bio seems surprising. Let’s take an example of analyzing similar accounts for creating a bio.

Try to do a research on similar accounts which could be your potential competition. Understand their engagement and text content on images. It will help you to create good bio for your account. Bio box is the only place where you could put a link so put the link of your social or business website so that users could explore more about you or your product.

This is how you could increase instagram followers for free. I have few additional suggestions for you. There are thousands of tools available which claims that they could help in increasing followers on your instagram account. Don’t fall for it. Try few tools to make your instagram account look good. I have used few tools which can also help you to make your instagram look perfect.

  • Music Stickers: It helps you to add music to your images on instagram stories.
  • Boomerang: You could create small GIF by using this tool.
  • Word Swag: Create text over images by using Word Swag. You could convert and ordinary image into a master piece quote with your image.
  • Banner Pic: Split one picture into six or more pictures to create a massive portrait on your Instagram page


Choosing a right strategy is more important than choose between tools. Use the right methods instead of relying on tools.

Hope these tips would help you to add more followers to your instagram. All these methods can be performed without investing money. You can increase instagram followers for free by using above written tips.

If you have additional tips, feedback or suggestions for this topic then do comment below. You may also learn How to Rank YouTube Videos on Top

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  1. Hi Ravi, this is a great post. The most important thing is the content. The more value you will add, the more followers you again. Content is your ultimate weapon that converts visitors into followers. Without content, you cannot win new followers, No matter how many tips you take on the board. Content should be created on the trending topics and should educate and entertain the audience.

    Social media is one of the strongest platforms in this world and it is the only solution that will definitely provide your online business a great chance to boost efficiency. Join different niche groups and communities to promote your account or page.

    Consistency also plays an important role in gaining new followers. It not only helps in increasing followers but also helps in retaining the old ones. But, some people, in posting consistently, compromise on the quality of the content which takes them on the wrong path. Take your time but always create top-notch content.

    Collaboration with niche influencers, embed your content in Q&A sites like Reddit, Reaching out to different bloggers, and asking them to include your content in their relevant posts are some other strategies that you can use to increase followers.

    If you are new on Instagram and want to give a quick headstart to your Instagram page or account then buying Instagram followers is a smart option. I buy from They supply real Instagram followers and provide excellent customer support, and there’s also a money-back guarantee. So, I would highly recommend buying Instagram followers from them.

    I really enjoyed reading your post. It’s informative, interesting and I have certainly learned a thing or two. Thanks!

    1. Hi Stclair,

      Thank you so much for sharing your valuable feedback on this write up. I am glad that you liked the content. I would definitely give a try on Instafamous pro very soon.

      Ravi Kumar Rana

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