How to report a spam website: Steps with pictures

report a spam website

We all surf internet daily and go through websites which should not be on internet. Sometimes the low quality website creates problems while surfing internet as well. But the question is how and where to report a spam website? Today, I am going to share steps to report a spam website. Whenever you came across any low quality or spam website then you can follow these steps to report those websites. But before getting into steps, first understand what are spam websites and the categories under which we can identify spam websites?

Paid Links

Paid links are generally the advertisement links. Behind these links there are people who make payment to other website owners to show information on particular platform. For example I receive offers from website owners to show content in my platform TheSEOGuy & place a link on my blog that points to another page. That link might be an image ad or a text ad, but it will virtually always be something on my page that links to another page. People who often sell stuff use this method to redirect users from a popular platform to make purchase. i.e. medical services, insurance, games, membership and paid subscriptions.

Objectionable content

Objectionable content is known as content which is specified for adult audience and have word and key phrases which are not suppose to be used to promote content such as Porn, Crime, Death, ammunition, guns and Kill. Search engines would only show the verified links related to this information. If you came across any website or platform which should not be on internet then you can follow the steps to report a spam website.


According to Wikipedia, “Malware is any software intentionally designed to cause damage to a computer, server, client, or computer network. Malware does the damage after it is implanted or introduced in some way into a target’s computer and can take the form of executable code, scripts, active content, and other software”. You may find these links while exploring internet. You have to be careful while surfing. Most commonly malware links are placed on sites which have software and other downloadable stuff available. You have to double check before downloading stuff from internet. It is always recommended to check spam score of website before downloading any software, audio, video, document or other files from internet.

Personal or Private information

If you find a website which discloses personal or private information without verified sources, then you can consider it as spam. As per Google’s policy, if you are getting a website which discloses false information related to a person or organization or it discloses your personal or private information, then you can file a website spam report. You should always report a spam website.

Copyright and other legal issues

According to its category name, these websites are categorized as spam because of showing copyrighted information. In order to get SERP rankings or more traffic to a particular website or blog, people copy information of other web portals and show it on their personal blogs or websites. Most of the business owners have copyrighted information on their portals which other’s can’t use. If you are a business owner and came across a website which is using your copyrighted information, then always file a web spam report.


Usually phishing is a technique used by hackers to collect sensitive information of user. They disguise as trusted website and ask users to provide sensitive or personal information such as Bank Account, User Names, Passwords, Credit Card Details and Social Security or Permanent Account Numbers. It is recommended not to share your information online. However, if you are asked by a verified owner such as government agencies then you can share your information. For example, while applying for Visa, you can open the government website link and fill your passport information, insurance details, Date of Birth, Address and Social Security Numbers. But DO VERIFY THE WEBSITE BEFORE SHARING YOUR INFORMATION. Until it is urgent, do not disclose any sensitive information online.

Now we know the kinds of spam website. It’s time to learn how to report a spam website.

Steps to report a spam website:

Reporting a website is easy and just a matter of click. This process is defined very easy so that every user could file or report a spam website. Given below are the steps to report a spam website.

Step 1

Click on

report a spam website step 1

Click on “Report Webspam”

Fill the details and verify captcha code

report a spam website step 2

Click on report website spam.

That’s all you need to do in order to report a spam website. After submitting your report, google would review your report and take action accordingly.

Tip: Try to login with your gmail account before submitting the webspam report. Action status would be shared by google on your mail. If google finds any webspam and takes action against website, you will be notified by google.

Hope this information would help you to fight with spam websites.

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