How to fix block was affected by errors and may not function properly

how to fix block was affected by errors and may not function properly Check the developer tools for more details

Today we are going to talk about a problem which most of the people have faced after upgrading their wordpress from classic to block editor. After updating wordpress version, some users started getting “The (block name) block was affected by errors and may not function properly. Check the developer tools for more details”. In this blog you will learn how to fix block was affected by errors.

When I upgraded my wordpress, I also got the same notifications in my widget section while I was trying to customize the theme and add few new layouts for new pages.

I immediately started investigating and found that this is a conflict between my existing wordpress settings and old wordpress settings. According to a thread on wordpress, it is an old issue and commonly appears due to plugin conflict. There are couple of suggestions to solve this problem but most of the suggestions are outdated for 2024 users.

For example, let’s take a look at old suggestions:

  • Download Classic Editor: This plugin overrides the functions of block editors .
  • Removing old widgets: Second suggestion is Remove all the widgets that you are using and add new blocks in the Theme.
  • Deactivating the active plugins: Third suggestion is to remove all plugins to avoid the conflict and see if any special plugin is causing the problem. If you are able to locate the plugin, avoid installing it again and look for alternatives.

But these are all old suggestions. Above mention suggestions were recommended few years back when wordpress introduced block editor but in 2024 the solution is not complicated. it is quite simple and easy.

How to fix block was affected by errors and may not function properly in 2024

In order to fix this problem, all you need to do is remove the widgets from inactive widgets section and hit update. Steps are:

  1. Login to your wordpress dashboard
  2. Go to appearance
  3. Choose Widgets
  4. Under widgets, go to inactive widgets section
  5. Remove the widgets which are creating conflicts
  6. Update the section
  7. Refresh the dashboard and that’s it.

Additional solution – Fix block affected by errors

If the problem persists, check if you have any page builder or theme builder installed such as Astra, Elementor, Divi builder or WP Bakery. Try disabling the builders and it will solve the problem.

If you have further suggestion to this problem, do comment below. Keep exploring TheSEOGuy for more Latest SEO Tips and Tricks.

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