Hidden Keyword Research Techniques

Hidden SEO Techniques

Hidden Keyword Research Techniques

Every digital marketer is aware about most of the techniques to perform better. But there are few Hidden Keyword Research Techniques which can boost your website traffic with minimal efforts. Today we are going to discuss about those Hidden keyword Research Techniques. So that we could generate the positive results for our web.

Using Synonyms Ranking Technique

Whenever we perform a search on search engines, we always get relative results. In order to perform exact search we have to perform tricks on search engines. For example in order to get exact search result of any particular keyword, I have to put inverted commas in keywords. Let’s take an example of SEO consultants. If I would type SEO consultants then I would get results such as “SEO Experts”, “SEO Consulting Services”, “SEO Consultant” and few suggestive answers related to “SEO Consultants”.  Given below is one of the search examples which I perform for the keyword “SEO Consultants” on Google.

Let’s have a look on one example here.

seo consultants relative search

Above, you can see relative results on Google SERP. Now if I want to conduct an exact search, I have to use inverted comma in my search keyword as I have stated earlier. Given below is the example of exact match searches.

Seo consultants exact match

Now you can see the difference between relative searches and exact match searches.

Hope it will help you to understand the importance of using synonyms while working for higher ranks. You can add the words in content and even create pages with synonyms and do SEO on them. You will get benefit for sure.

Use keywords from your business competition

This one is pretty cool and amazing technique to gain ranking on keywords on which your competitors are bidding or spending money. Yes you heard it right. You can use your competitor keywords without even investing your money. For this all you need to do is, put the keyword in Google search and analyze the ads deeply. For example, if I have to find keywords on “Digital marketing agencies” then I would simply search for “Digital Marketing agencies” and then I will get some cool keywords created by my competitors. Given below is the example.

Digital marketing agencies competitor keywords
Digital marketing agencies competitor keywords

In above image, you can see the highlighted keywords used by “Digital Marketing Agencies” so I can consider them as my competitors and use the keywords while creating my website content and start doing SEO on those keywords to gain ranks.

Getting keywords suggestion from Wikipedia

Most of the SEO experts are aware about this technique. But you may not know about the fact that you can get multiple solutions from Wikipedia keywords.  You can get following solutions

  • Fresh Keyword Ideas
  • Link Building Suggestions
  • Multi-lingual opportunities

Sounds interesting right?

Given below screenshot would help you to understand how you can get all three options in one single page.

Wikipedia keyword ideas
Wikipedia keyword ideas

Generate your own keywords

It’s not an easy task to get into particular niche and perform exceptionally well and beat all the competitors. However, it is not impossible if you are doing right SEO & have created the best SEO strategies. Yes it would take some time but you can achieve it.

Or you can create your own keywords to get ranks and more website engagement and ranks on your created keywords.  Unique taglines and few hashtags are few examples in this scenario. These keywords would boost your brand keyword performance and give your website better visitors organically.

So this was the small list of hidden keyword research techniques. Fore more fresh tips and tricks explore Latest SEO Tips

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