Here is how to do SEO Cross linking

SEO Cross Linking

SEO Cross Linking

SEO Cross linking is a method use to exchange links between two different site. It allows users to reference sites with content similar to that which they are already viewing, and may be of further interest to them.

For example Mr. X is a guy who is running a website which is based on Category A and Mr. Y is a guy who is also running a website which is based on similar category (A). The website traffic is almost same on both the websites. In this case Mr. X & Mr. Y can use cross linking to generate better SEO score and more traffic and engagement on their portals.

Things to remember while doing SEO Cross Linking

Rely on Original content and do perform a content check before doing SEO Cross Linking.

During the method of Cross Linking, user gets redirected from point A to Point be so you have to be more specific with content and give user quality and original content so that your purpose of cross linking would accomplished. A user should learn something new or different from the other site. It can be similar in theme and subject, and in fact will promote better link quality through cross linking if it is similar, but it must be unique.

IP addresses & hosting of both the websites should be different

I always prefer myself to be more safety conscious when it comes to SEO. It may be possible that search engine crawlers won’t penalize your web but it is always good to be prepare and keep yourself on safer side.

Avoid Access Cross Linking

Being a user, you won’t like to be redirected to another website/page every time you click on any information. Use the SEO Cross linking method. It means do not use it excessively. Use the method to gain SEO benefits but always keep your website user behavior in your mind.

Anchor Texts plays an important role in better SEO Cross Linking

Try to be creative and if you can use keyword rich anchor text around your cross linking, it will be more appealing to the search engine crawlers. SEO marketing is about combining all kinds of SEO strategies, so using cross linking in conjunction with keyword text is always best.

Don’t get into “link ring”. A link ring is when multiple websites/blogs are cross linking to each other, with no other sites linked into the ring they create. Search engines will penalize this kind of cross linking immediately.

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