Event Blogging Secrets and Tips

event blogging secrets

Event Blogging Secrets and Tips

Every event or festival brings an opportunity for event bloggers to make money and get better visibility for their blogs. As soon as the event date comes, every event blogger start doing their hard work. But for people who are new to event blogging and not sure what are event blogging secrets and tips, I have something for you. Today I am going to share some event blogging secrets and tips with you all. You can follow the tips and tricks to generate more organic traffic and make your event successful. Given below steps which can help you to improve your results and create better marketing strategy.

Step 1 Look at seasonal factors

While designing marketing strategy for festivals, you should always keep in mind that every festival, event or holiday has its own characteristics and quirks. You should understand the audience behaviour and plan your event according to the audience and its behaviour. Search trends changes every year and you should always relate your keywords with current market searches related to products. It really pays off and helps you to better understand the keywords.

You could take the help of few free tools to analyse the search trends. But the best tool would be Google Trends.

  • Open trends.google.com
  • Choose the country from top right section
  • Put the event keyword in search box. i.e. Here we are discussing event blogging so you can put the name of any upcoming event or festival in search box and hit “Search”.

It will give you an overview of the search for that particular keyword. And you can analyse which related searches are there and from which location this keyword is getting better engagement.  See the screenshot below

This is a sample image for a particular event on which I have written few articles. You can get the data according to your search query.

Step 2 Analyze your niche (Category)

You need some critical marketplace data before you can start your create marketing strategy. For example, event bloggers should have the search trends data and current product information which they are displaying on their blogs. Strong product information with right keywords would drive better engagement on your blog. Collect the data from multiple sources and do your research properly.

Step 3 Small E-commerce Event search tracking

Personally, this is one of my favorite types of analysis for Event blogging. All you need to do is, visit different e-commerce portals and type your keywords in the search box. Get the list of related keywords and see if the company is offering discount or running any promotional campaign for products. You can get the list of best performing and most searched keywords by this way. After collecting the data, you can do a keyword analysis on collected keywords and use them in your campaigns. If you are facing difficulties in finalizing e-commerce portal, then simply put the keyword in google search box and see which websites are offering discount on particular event. For example, I tried to search for “Adidas Shoes” on google and I got few ads by E-Commerce companies which are bidding on this keyword. Now I know which all e-commerce portals to target for event search tracking.

discount example

Step 4 Understand your audience behavior and areas of interest

Spent some time in Google analytics and review the audience report deeply. You can get the idea of your audience behavior and their areas of interest which could help you to design better marketing strategy for upcoming event. There are an estimated 500 million internet users in India, and nearly all of them use mobile phones to access the internet at some point or the other. Nearly four-fifths of all internet browsing takes place through mobile devices

Hope this would help you to design better marketing strategy. If you know more about even blogging and wanted to share with others, then do comment below.

Step 5 Use of interesting Content

We all know the that SEO Friendly Content could get us better results but apart from focusing on SEO, you could also create interesting content for your website visitors. After all every event has something interesting which makes people to search about it. Try putting interesting information for users so that they would visit your website or blog and keep themselves engaged while exploring the web. Try putting interesting facts, Important dates related to event or any news which creates curiosity and interest both at the same time. It will help you to get rid of monotonous while reading article information.

Apart form these 5 major Event blogging Secrets, there are few steps which need to follow to improve SERP results. Which includes On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO and Social media Optimization (SMO). I hope after this you will be able to execute your event blog positively and get better results.

However, you all are welcome to share your feedback on this information. Do comment below. Keep exploring TheSEOGuy for SEO Tricks and Latest SEO Tips

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