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Search engine optimization is one of the strongest method to improve business. Any business can achieve better sales, conversion, brand reputation and search visibility. All you need to do is create good SEO strategies and execute the plan. Today in this topic we are going to talk about critical business category. We will share key aspects of Dentist SEO to elevate visibility for dental practices. After working for different medical industries we have gained the experience and case studies to share.

The Importance of Local SEO for Dentists

Location based searches are important for dental practices. Nearby dentists receive better footfall and queries. It is important to focus on Local SEO for dentists. To elevate your local presence you can follow given below steps:

Optimize Google My Business

Google my business attracts a lot of people when they search near me. For example dentist near me will show up the results based on user location. But only the optimized profile will appear on top. You need to optimize your profile and put the relevant keywords in it. Upload original images and videos. Collect customer reviews and keep your profile up to date. Put all the relevant information and maintain the quality.

Leveraging citations and directory listings

Generate quality referrals and citations. List down your business on different local directories. Get authority to improve local rankings for your business.

Generate positive patient reviews to maintain online reputation

Collect positive reviews from your patients. It will help you to improve your online reputation. Respond on all feedbacks and improve quality as per the feedback. Encourage people to share honest services feedback.

Keyword Research for Dentist SEO

Identify the most valuable keyword for your services including location and your USPs. Conduct a competitor analysis on finalized keywords to uncover more opportunities. Keep an eye on competitors performing keywords. Match performing competitive keywords with your final keywords.

Follow the intent and optimize your website or local business listing. Use the keywords based on search volume and search intent both. Never chase the search volume for the sake of numbers. Focus on the right keywords which can drive attract right audience.

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On-Page SEO Best Practices for Dentists

Create useful and page oriented meta data for website. Put the right keyword in title and description describing page content. Structure your website for better crawls. Use the right page structured data and place content in structured way. Work on page elements and optimize page speed. It will be great if the website is mobile friendly. Number of mobile users are more than desktop or any other device users.

Creating SEO Friendly Content for Dental Blogs

Develop a strong content strategy as medical is a competitive industry. Write blogs and content to attract prospective patients. Optimize existing blog posts and put the industry keywords based on your services. Create multimedia content such as videos, images, GIFs and infographics.

Focus on quality while developing content. Follow EEAT Guidelines while developing content for your website.

Technical SEO Fixes for Dental Websites

Address all the technical issues and fix website errors. Improve website speed, focus on indexation and crawlability. Add structured data and page markup as per the page content. Use secure server and mobile friendly website to attract more customers. Optimize robots and sitemap for better visibility.

Optimize URL structure, Page canonical, meta robots and all technical aspects of website.


From local SEO to on page SEO , technical SEO, content and latest trends every aspect is important. Create right Dentist SEO strategy and execute strategy. If you are looking for dental seo expert then talk to our experts at +91-99681821998. Share your requirements with our industry veterans. Keep exploring TheSEOGuy for latest SEO tips and tricks.

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