Conduct keyword research using Keyword Planner

conduct keyword research using keyword planner tool

Keywords from Keyword Planner

Keyword planner is an amazing tool to conduct research on keywords. It is an amazing tool to understand the keywords. In order to conduct research you could open the keyword planner and choose the option “Discover New Keywords“.

The moment you choose Discover new keywords, you will get two options over there

From the given options, you could choose how you want to conduct research. Let’s start with option one “Start with keywords”.

If you choose start with keywords, you could put maximum ten keywords to conduct research. The most important part to remember is location and language. If you are conducting research on keywords, then location plays a major role. As you can see in above image, I have selected the location India because I want to conduct keyword research on Indian audience and keywords which a common in India. I can choose any location I want. For example:

I am a SEO strategist by profession and I got maximum number of projects from Delhi. So I can go with “SEO services in Delhi” and instead of India, I can select Delhi or nearby service area.

Now as you can see in above image, there is a filter by the name “enter a domain to use as a filter”. This option is for people who are looking to conduct a keyword research on a particular domain. For example:

keyword planner keyword research step 2

As you can see in above image, adding URL filter give us keywords based on the added URL. Here I have added URL and keyword results are based on added URL. You can download the keywords, refine the keywords and add or delete keywords from here and do your research.

Now let’s move on to option two ” Start with a website”. This options is to find out keywords out of domains. You could enter the website of your competitor or any market player which is doing well and search the keywords used in domain. Here you got two options.

First is “Use the entire site”. It means the moment you put URL to conduct research and choose option entire site, it collects data from entire URL including all pages. However, if you choose “Use this page only”, it collects the keywords data from inserted web page content data.

keyword research keyword planner step 3

That’s how you could collect the set of keywords for yourself.

Hope these steps would help you to conduct keyword research using keyword planner. You can also follow How to use keywords for better SEO results to enhance your SEO results.

You can also follow detailed guidelines by Google on Keyword Planner tools here and Learn about how to conduct research by keyword planner tool.

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