Broken Link Checker

broken link checker
  • Open your google drive and click on create a spreadsheet.
broken link checker tool step one
  • Once you create the google sheet, you can rename it according to your choice. For my convenience I named it 404 check sheet so that I can easily locate the tool inside my google drive.
broken link checker tool step two
  • Once you click on app script option as mentioned in above screen shot, you will get the app script dashboard. You can paste the code given below

function getStatusCode(url){

   var options = {

     ‘muteHttpExceptions’: true,

     ‘followRedirects’: false


   var url_trimmed = url.trim();

   var response = UrlFetchApp.fetch(url_trimmed, options);

   return response.getResponseCode();


broken link checker tool step three
broken link checker tool step five
broken link checker tool step six

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